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[技巧] 二擊法 (2-beat kick) 自由式

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近年來頗為流行的「魚式」(Total Immersion) 游法,基本上是用這種二擊法的自由式。

This photo was taken from the website of www.totalimmersion.net


1. 身體的轉動/擺盪:從大擺盪到小擺盪都試試看。
2. 長划水,水入水後向前伸,突肩向前伸到最長(手肘可以微彎),推水也推到底。
3. 踢腿效率,調整踢法與身體的擺盪,讓自己感受到腳背大面積踢水。
4. 感覺水阻,並調整動作或姿勢避免水阻。
5. 嘗試不同的換氣(呼吸)頻率,甚至微調換氣時間。
6. 嘗試不同的頭部位置,以了解不同抬頭角度所造成的影響。
7. 算每趟划手的次數。以次數的多寡作為不同嘗試間的比較基礎。
8. 練習蹬牆出發。最好側身出發,而且要呈低水阻姿勢。
9. 練習豚式踢,每次出發與轉身都要做 dolphin kick.
10. 拉長練習距離。


Video: Michael Phelps' 2-beat kick freestyle http://youtu.be/S_M7P_jmgBE

[ 2 beat kick ]

Due to less motions, simple move, I expected everyone to make use of this "2-beat kick freestyle" to refine all kinds of techniques (because I did!). PLS pay attn to and carry out the following.

1. body rotation
Allow your shoulders rotate/roll more than your hips but no more than 90º from horizontal. Before you figure out what fits you the best, try to exaggerate the rotation/roll (of both hips and shoulders)

1.1 hips:
Try to make hip rotation by kicking strongly. One can hardly over-rotate his hips. 1.2 shoulders:
Try to maximize shoulder rotation by high-elbow-bent-arm recovery. Emphasis on "elbow lead" while lifting your elbow close its climax. Don't rotate/roll your shoulder more than 90 degrees from water surface.

* This is meant for you to understand the amplitude of body roll/rotation as well as the consequence of such roll/rotation. You do not need to swim with max rotation always. But you will only know what fits you the best after knowing all the possibility.

2. long stroke
Right after kick, extend your hand (thrust shoulder) to its limit. Stroke and kick should be made contralaterally. At this point, from your pointing-toe to max-extended (arm) finger of hand (of contralateral side) should form the longest line that your body is ever able to produce. While pull, also pull (push) all the way down. Then try to feel the right stroke length for yourself.

3. efficient flutter kicks
Snap your kick like whipping or kicking a football in front of you. However, when "whip/kick" make sure to produce max surface on kick/whip direction. How to do it? When you kick/whip down, you can choose to think/do

a. rotate your knee medially (inward)
b. rotate your heel laterally (outward)
c. point your toe and rotate inward.

4. drag detection & adjustment
Due to slow motion and slow rate you should be able to feel if any areas of your body that causes extra drag in the water. Where you feel resistance, you could work on improving your motion or position to become more streamlined. (ex. If you felt extra drag about your toes, then try to point your toes to avoid it.)

5. breathing
Experiment breathing with different timing and frequent/pattern to see which fits you the best.

5.1 timing
Long stroke, powerful kick, therefore long gliding at swimming 2bk. Consequently, you are allowed to breathe in rather long spell of time. Try to calibrate your breathing into stroke mechanics. Breathe at the "power phase" of your stroke.

5.2 frequent or pattern
Vary your breath, breathing every 2/3/4/5 strokes. Start with breathing on one side, then try to do bilateral breathing.

6. head position
Though I told that the head should remain neutral, please try to vary your head position to see the difference between various head positions. Neutral position of head is about looking at 1 foot ahead to right down your eye (face down). Then try to look at 1m, 2m, 4m ahead (lift your chin) and feel the differences.

7. count strokes
When you try to vary your move, position..etc., make sure count the stroke every time to see the difference. The less strokes, the better?! It's not necessary so. If you swim every lap about the same time but with less strokes, of course, that is better. But if you used less strokes and you also swam slower, then you "glided" too much.

8. push-off
Try to push off from the wall on your side every time. Make sure to make your body streamlined. You can never practice push-off or streamlined position enough.

9. dolphin kick
Try to do at least 2 dolphin kicks after each push-off (including turn). Specially when swim 2bk, you should be able to kick few more. And find out the right timing to start dk. With the progress you make on push-off/streamline, you will feel more uncomfortable (with your lungs), try to endure that. "Push-off" and subsequent "dolphin kicks" form the most speedy phase during swimming. It's critical to put up with such uneasy feeling. After adding on "flip turn", then "flip + push-off + dk" will be the most demanding part in freestyle swimming as far as competition is concerned.

10. add on the distance
Try to add more laps. Said, you are taking rest after swim 100m, then try to swim 150m before break. After you can make it, add one or 2 laps, then so on and so forth.

Cover these 10 points, then you will make progress with swimming freestyle gracefully.

updated Sept. 7, 2013
finished: English Oct. 2 / Chinese Oct. 5, 2012

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