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[技巧] 波波夫(Alexander Popov)的游泳技巧

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在 YouTube 一系列五個片段的影片 "What's the Limit?" (*1) 裡曾提到波波夫的游泳技術可以歸納為 "3R",分別是節奏 (Rhythm)、伸展 (Range)、放鬆 (Relaxation)。

在 Livestrong.com 的網站裡有一篇介紹波波夫的游泳技術的文章則提出了較具體的技巧。

1. Stretch-out style  讓身體充分伸展的長划手。
2. Swim like a fish 注重動作的流暢與效率更甚於速度。
3. Drag Antennae  藉由慢游來體驗身體所造成的水阻,然後加以改善。
4. Dolphin kick   運用豚式踢。

Reference:[名將] 波波夫(Alexander Popov)的自由式



With four Olympic gold medals, five silver medals and over 40 medals in other international competitions, Alexander Popov is one of the most successful swimmers of all time. Part of his success is due to mastering a smooth and fluid technique that generates lots of power and little resistance. By looking at a few key areas of his style, it's possible to identify a general Popov swimming technique.

Stretch-Out Style

According to Ernest W. Maglischo in "Swimming Fastest," many swim coaches noted Popov's long reach while swimming. This coined the term "stretch-out style" for the long, reaching technique where your arm hits the water in front of you while your other arm is digging down for the catch motion. However, Maglischo says this style is difficult to master for amateur swimmers. Your legs need to kick rapidly to make this as efficient as Popov's motion.

Swim Like a Fish

T. J. Murphy says in his book, "Guide to Finishing Your First Triathlon," the Popov swimming technique prioritizes smooth, efficient strokes over rapid movement. Popov gains part of this efficiency by making his body as streamlined as possible; much like the clean, smooth lines of a fish. Popov cuts through the water, rather than chopping at it with his hands. This means he glides with less drag and resistance from the water.

Drag Antennae

Popov used to practice swimming at a slow rate. Though this appears to run counter to the idea of training for speed, the technique allowed Popov to develop what Terry Laughlin calls "drag antennae" in his book, "Triathlon Swimming Made Easy." By swimming slowly, Popov detected any areas of his body that cause extra drag in the water. Where he felt resistance, he could work on improving his motion to become more streamlined.

Dolphin Kick

Popov uses the dolphin-kick technique in freestyle sprint swimming. The dolphin kick, as the name suggests, mimics the movement of a dolphin. Instead of kicking each leg in turn, the swimmer moves both legs together in a fluent, undulating pattern. This creates less drag from the water and generates forward power. Popov used the dolphin kick after diving underwater from the starting blocks. The technique is less effective near the surface of the water.


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