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[技巧] 自由式打水(flutter kick)的訣竅

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自由式 = 手划水 + 腳打水 + 身體擺盪
freestyle = stroke mechanics + flutter kick + body rotation


1. 下踢的角度並非與水面垂直,而是配合身體左右擺盪,下踢的方向是呈左上-右下或右上-右上左下(diagonal)。
2. 下踢時以腿為長軸微向內轉(rotate medially),並墊起腳尖。
3. 增加腳踝的柔軟度。

(以下英文版先完成,之後才作以上的中文版。而下面引用的 "What Is the Secret to a Fast Flutter Kick When Swimming?" 很有參考價值,不妨花些時間讀一下。 )

[ swimming ]  flutter kick

It's a technique very difficult to master.  Like many other kinds, it takes long time of practicing.  It also took me long time to get a grip of flutter kick.

2-beat-kick, the foundation of acquiring hip rotation with flutter kick.  Aft acquired 2-bt-kick, it became easier to acquire 6-bt-kick.  Like 2-bt-kick, one kick (said on right side), produces the momentum to roll the hip to the other side (right side).  Then kick 3 beats with accent on the 3rd which channels the hip roll toward the other side (left).  That's probably the tips of acquiring 6-bt kick.

Then it comes to trickier but relaxing 4-bt kick, a technique between 2-bt kick & 6-bt kick, not as intense as 6-bt, so it's not as tiring, too.  It's not symmetrical as 2-bt or 6-bt,  But it's not difficult to acquire this technique, after learn 2-bt kick, it just takes time.

        HAGIWARA Tomoko  http://youtu.be/-VGt_MCDkp8?t=3m15s           
        Ian THROPE  http://youtu.be/0SDhQahGDkQ        
Dry land exercises is good way to foster the stroke-kick coordination before head into water.  Besides, on land, you need not to care about "breathing", a very critical parts in swimming.  In addition to body coordination, the flexibility of ankle also plays an important parts in mastering flutter kick.  And it's a very time-consuming process to acquire flexibility, so if you wish to master freestyle, you should start working on flexibility soon and do it continuously.

updated: Oct. 5, 2012
Written on Sept. 30, 2012 by Frank

What Is the Secret to a Fast Flutter Kick When Swimming?

Aug 18, 2011 by Jim Thoomas

The flutter kick, the kick you use to swim freestyle and backstroke, might be more of a puzzle than a secret. There are a number of important techniques to master, which can improve your flutter kick, but the difference between a decent and an extremely fast flutter kick seems to be related more to feel than technique.

Foot Flexibility
Marty Hully writing for "Swimming World Magazine" asserts that the secret of the flutter kick is in the feet and ankles. Specifically, how far your foot flexes determines how effective your flutter kick will be. If your ankle flexes less than 90 degrees, your knees will bend and cause more drag. As a result, your flutter kick will be weak. If your ankle flexes to 90 degrees or a little higher, your flutter kick will be decent. And if your ankle flexes significantly beyond 90 degrees, little knee bend is necessary and your kick will be strong. So stretching both your ankles and feet is recommended; there are a number of ways to stretch them. For example, you can use the same boards with straps that are used by ballet dancers.

Hip Flexors
Many swimmers try to flutter kick using their thighs as if they were riding a bicycle, but that won't give you a strong flutter kick. You want to kick from the hips, which requires strong and flexible hip flexors. There are stretches for your hip flexors you can do on dry land and strengthening exercises you can do in the pool. The Go Swim website and suggests that quick and small flutter kicks are best.

Technique versus Feel
The Swimlandia website notes that you can't overthink kicking. A good flutter kick flows naturally and fluidly. Leg muscles generate power, but they also need to remain supple. Your feet need to be relaxed and flexible, which instructors describe as "floppy feet." One swim coach writing on Swimlandia suggests that you try kicking 100 meters while reciting song lyrics and not thinking at all about technique. Then kick another 100 meters while thinking about your kick and trying to focus on the same areas that felt worked after the first 100.

It's safe to say that a fast flutter kick includes strong hip action and flexible feet and ankles. Other than those two requirements, something elusive seems to separate those with great kicks from those with ordinary flutter kicks. It could be pointed toes and legs not quite straight, according to Go Swim, so you can snap through with your toes while allowing your knees to bend just a bit to accommodate the snap. It could be relaxing and thinking about song lyrics. Maybe you will discover a secret of your own.

Article reviewed by Mia Paul
Last updated on: Aug 18, 2011


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