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[技巧] 給友人的自由式函授(二) flutter kick

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Dara Torres is the first and only swimmer from the United States to compete in five Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008), and, at age 41, is the oldest swimmer ever to earn a place on the U.S. Olympic team.
photo was taken from the website of "Health & Wellness" at below URL

自由式的打水(踢)依照與手划水的配合方式可以分為:二擊法、四擊法和六擊法(2-beat kick, 4-beat kick, 6-beat kick,也有人稱二拍、四拍和六拍。)所謂二擊法(二拍, 2-beat kick)是指左、右手各划一次(一循環)腳踢兩下,同理,「四擊法」就是一循環踢四下,「六擊法」就是踢六下。每一種踢法各有不同的技巧,一般來說競速的游泳都是用「六擊法」,每一循環的(手)划水就換氣。「四擊法」是輕鬆的游法,但是手每划一下就踢兩下,所以有一次打水會同手同腳。「二擊法」著名的IT(total immersion, the fish-like swimming)號稱「魚式」的游法即是以二擊法為基礎。

短距離的競速游泳用的六擊法與長距離的六級法打水方式不太相同,通常長距離的菁英游泳選手也是採用六擊法,奧運的十公里游泳馬拉松的男子選手也都是用「六擊法」但是身體會轉多一些,是所謂的"6-beat rolling kick".也常見選手主要踢 6-beat, 並不時參雜 2-beat kick,在男子 1,500km 項目,中國的選手孫揚便是採用這種游法。

就我個人而言,4-beat kick 是最輕鬆的游法。但是因為每四次踢就有一次同手同腳,所以我想在美學上,4-beat kick, 與單邊換氣都缺乏對稱的美感。2-beat kick 可以最為練習其他兩中打水法的基礎。6-beat kick 要讓下半身稍微吃水深一些(頭要稍微抬起來),或是要 rolling,讓下半身轉動來踢--是最累的游法。

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From: Frank
Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Subject: swimming
To: Jack


Before L2, kicking (flutter kick), you may watch this video for some tips for open water swimming, the advises from Dave Scott, 6-time Ironman Champion.

Lesson TWO Flutter Kick

There are 3 different kicking patterns defined by beat per stroke (arm movement) cycle (2 stokes, one stroke per arm), they are 2-beat, 4-beat, and 6-beat.

Till last summer, I suggested anyone who wished to join triathlon game employing 2-beat-kick or 4-beat. But after watching Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, who broke WR of 1,500m freestyle by employing mix of 2-beat-kick and 6-beat-kick, I have 2nd thought now.

But Sun has terrific stroke technique, whose stroke per 50m is 27.Sun is as good as Thrope, whose stroke count for long distance was also of 27. Flutter kick is somewhat more difficult to acquire thanstroke techniques to me. Go back to Hagiwara Tomoko's video, this time for demonstration of critical points of flutter kick.

1. the kick is more like "whip" using the hip flexor to initiate the "kick/whip"
2. relax your legs, specially the knees
3. relax your waist, not roll as much as upper body (see "rolling kick" in video above)
4. point your toe a little bit.

You can just ignore the "up-kick", the 2nd technique demonstrated from the above URL. Up-kick is though usually employed during long distance swimming to make use of different muscle, it takes much longer time to acquire. I do not mean the technique of up-kick per se, but the employment of up-kick with good coordination of upper body rolling, the rhythm.

The best way to acquire kicking technique is dry land exercises,rather than in water. Lying on bed with 2 hands over your head, then using your hand to give the sign for kicking. For example, if you wish to practice 6-bt-kick, then kick 3 bt starting from right leg after (or at the time) left hand pat on bed once; then right hand pat,another 3 kicks. Alternating these 2 sets for certain period of time. 2-bt-kick & 6-bt-kick are easier to coordinate, 4-bt-kick, every other stroke cycle, you will have ipsilateral kick and stroke. To certain degree, 2-bt-kick and 6-bt-kick are more ergonomic, no wonder Sun Yang employed the mix of these 2 kicking patterns.

Recommended drill: http://youtu.be/pn03F7XPdTk

This one will be plenty!

I tried to call you the weekend before, but could not reach you. I thought you were either out of country or not answering phone during weekend. I just called to ask if you "understand" what I stated in Lesson ONE, there were plenty of typos. I did not proof-read before sent the email but only employed "spelling checker".

Have a good time swimming!


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