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[技巧] 給友人的自由式函授(一) stroke mechanics

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友人 Jack 要參加三項運動,因為騎單車與跑步對腳的負擔已經很重了,所以游泳一項用自由式是很合理的安排。因為無法現場指導,所以就用 email 函授。這函授課程共分成四部分,(手)划水、踢腿、換氣與開放水域游泳。

Dara Torres is the first and only swimmer from the United States to compete in five Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008), and, at age 41, is the oldest swimmer ever to earn a place on the U.S. Olympic team.
photo was taken from the website of "Health & Wellness" at below URL

「魚式游泳」我只有在 YouTube 裡看了講座的影片,"Total Immersion Perpetual Motion Freestyle" 與 "How to 'Work Less, Swim Better' in Triathlon" 兩個「系列」,耐著性子,懷著近似朝聖的心情看完,不但沒能給我驚豔的感覺,也沒有多少收穫。我相信很多人在沒聽過「魚式游泳」之前就採用類似或是一樣的方式在游了,只差沒有給它一個響亮的名號,像是「魚式」。最早之前我還以為是一種新的游法呢!在會游了競賽的四式之後,似乎也應該練一練「魚式」。

這是「魚式」游泳在 YouTube 裡的頻道,有興趣的人可以自行參考。

「魚式」的英文原名為 "Total Immersion", 所以叫 TI swimming, 與 Texas Instruments 那個 TI 一點關係也沒有。在還沒聽過「魚式」之前,我所知道的 "Total Immersion" 是用來指語言學習的。例如,台灣人跑到美國去學英語,這種完全浸淫在英語環境的學習法就叫 "Total Immersion". 游泳本來就在水中,把游泳心得或方法叫做 "Total Immersion" 的確莫名其妙(畢竟英文是外語),無怪乎其中文譯名與其原名相差甚遠。

我建議友人別去管什麼魚式游泳,而是取法 Popov 的種種技巧。著眼於 rotation 與 range of motion, 然後發展出適合自己的節奏。

對於成人學 (crawl or front crawl) 游泳來說, 手划 (stroke mechanics) 比起腳踢 (flutter kick) 重要多了,因為成人的腳踝要花很多時間(兩、三年)來練才能夠達到小孩子一半的柔軟。如何利用肩膀轉動來游泳,應該是在短時間最能見到成效的方法。

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From: Frank
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The technique you referred to as "Fishstyle" is actually named, "total immersion", which is nothing new but the invention of the name. I watched the whole series of video about "TI swimming" few years ago,so I am quite confident to tell you so. It's something like "red sea vs. blue sea", there is nothing new in the theory or argument, but rather the fancy terms.


The whole series of videos about "TI swimming" were given by the inventor himself. My suggestion is don't waste your time watching them.

YouTube is a wonderful source for one to acquire athletic techniques.I got breakthrough by watching some videos on it. I even started to put my own interpretation onto internet. In fact, when you told me to teach you swimming, I thought of long distant teaching at the time already. But it will be much helpful, if I actually saw how you swim.

However, without any idea, I would suggest you followings, and I think they will come to your help more or less.

Here, I am giving you Lesson ONE < Technique, upper body >

I suggest you imitate Alexander Popov. There are 5 clips of video on YouTube. I think you'd better to watch them all first. Though the technique parts are mainly concentrated in the middle few episodes.

part I http://youtu.be/sP-_q-YxXMU => introduction, no technique is mentioned.

part II http://youtu.be/E9hbI4y3zsY => introduction, no technique is mentioned.

part III http://youtu.be/ADn4k2ufEfs => start to talk about technique. 

 *arm movement:
Aft pull, elbow surfaces first, then lift the upper arm up, forearm, wrist & palm relaxes.
When elbow lifts about to its limit, exercise the forearm forward, but wrist & palm still relaxes.
Hand enters the water btw the point of arm full extension and your head.
Fingers open naturally when enter the water and then pull.

*shoulder movement:
"Kayaking principle" is CRITICAL technique which helps you exercise latissimus dorsi to drive forward.

Use a stick/rod to practice on land like video shows.Remember to keep your elbows high.
If I swam too much crawl, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) appeared not just around shoulders, but also lower back,about waist.

Latissimus dorsi is much stronger than all kinds of muscle on the arms and shoulders.

part IV http://youtu.be/YyYO7eUYLPY => techniques about rhythm,ROM (range of motion) and some drills.

Still I wish you to pay attn on arm and shoulder movement as aforementioned.

During your own practice, do more SSS (simple slow swimming) and try to remain balance, momentum and rhythm.

The key points are slow down & exaggerate your move as much as possible.

Do all the dry land exercises you saw on video often till you can perform those techniques naturally in the water.

part V http://youtu.be/qtYGauP_BIo => some techniques that athletes need for achieve higher speed. It's good to know.

Download the videos (part III & IV) and store them onto your mobile phone, then you can watch them as long as you're available, even just tiny span of time.

OK, that's Lesson ONE, I leave "Kicks" in Lesson 2; "Breathing" in Lesson 3.

I swam 1km within 20 min last year, at age of 41. So, I believe, with techniques, one can swim faster though he is older.

Have a good time swimming!


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