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[技巧] Rebecca Soni -蛙式的踢腿動作

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程度:基礎 (關鍵技巧)


如果是二十年前學游泳的人,蛙式的踢腿動作泰半與 Robecca Soni 所示範的非常不同,Robecca 此種踢水方法的特色有:
1. 膝蓋前引的動作遠大於向兩側張開。
2. 兩腳掌在膝蓋前引時,同時向外張。
3. 膝蓋前引到定位時,以膝蓋做軸,兩腳掌向迅速外(踢)劃一弧線後併攏。(whip kick, ウィップキック)

關於示範選手 Rebecca Soni, the gold medalist and world record holder, gave nice demonstration of frog kick.

Once you master frog kick, then you acquire the most critical technique of the stroke.  PLS pay attn to foot position as Rebecca called it in the video.  You have to rotate your feet before swoop out.  Since the feet are rotated out in the beginning of kick, according you will point your toes slightly at the end (at least, feel like so).  

The way Rebecca showed in this video kick with narrow knee-width is meant for reducing drag, which is called, "whip kick" (ウィップキック), and is widely adopted by competitive swimmers.  It's ok to open you knees a bit wider, though that increase the drag, it is also more comfortable to swim.  However, I would like to suggest knees open about shoulder-width.

updated: 03:13am, Mar. 7, 2013

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