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[技巧] 潛泳 underwater swimming

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>>  underwater swimming <<   breaststroke

Usually there are 2 techniques used for underwater swimming, dolphin kick and breaststroke.  The former is mainly employed during competition or pool swimming.  The later is less seen, but widely used for longer distance underwater swimming.  This video is posted here to introduce breaststroke underwater swimming, but I am not sure if it's world record.


          level:             intermediate to advanced
          importance:  ★☆☆
          difficulty:       ★☆☆

It's difficult for me to rate "difficulty" technically.  It's easy to swim, I mean the move, body position...etc.  However, the breathing control is otherwise.  The longer you would like to stay submerged, the more advanced breathing control technique is demanded.

Take one or 2 deep breath before you dive in, don't take more, if you did, you might easily feel dizzy during swimming underwater, or even in the very beginning of underwater swimming.  Then breath out steadily, bit by bit,  I myself do not know well about breathing technique.  Anyone knows better on the technique is invited to comment here or post your opinions.

Employing breaststroke but with every single arm-stroke pulling back to legs.  PLS refer to the video.


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