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[技巧] 翻滾式轉身 flip/tumble turn

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The Race Club 的 Gary Hall 在影片中檢討了三種翻滾式轉身常見的錯誤。
1. 轉身時膝蓋沒有靠向胸部收緊。
2. 翻身的同時,身體側轉。
3. (翻身後)兩臂隨意地擺在頭上。

[ flip turn ] error correction

Gary discussed 3 "problems" usually found with flip turns in this video.

1. swimmers do not tuck their knees and legs tightly to their chests during flip.
2. rotate the body while flip/turn
3. hands loosely place around the head before push-off.

I have the 2rd and the 3rd with my flip turns. I did not rotate my body while flip till about 2 months ago, I saw a swimmer did that in the pool and felt it a smart way to combine 2 moves into one, so I adopted that approach. I thought it was lack of practice prevented me from turning as fast, and I even suggested my friend rotate the body during the flip.

My arms always bend then hands thrust forward to form the streamline position when push-off. The momentum hands thrust forward produces appear to match push-off leg-kick so well. It did not occurred to me that bent-arms quickly extending to straight-arm though I feel the momentum, it actually causes drag.

Most of time, swimming is quite counter-intuitive, isn't it? Let me try to correct these few mistakes in coming days.


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