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close your eyes lyrics:mpi music:Hiroyuki Sawano(澤野弘之) vocal:Michiyo Honda(本田みちよ) Wh... (詳全文)
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Let Me Go(feat. Chad Kroeger)作曲:Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger編曲:艾薇兒, Chad KroegerLove that once hun... (詳全文)
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Why, or why not ─片霧烈火To get my happiness I had done everything,but had done nothing to be blamed and ac... (詳全文)
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蕭煌奇-相思海岸 作詞:武雄 作曲:蕭煌奇 聽人塊講惦遙遠的... (詳全文)
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God Help The Outcasts神幫助被遺棄的人們I don't know if You can hear me我不知你是否聽見我Or if You're even ther... (詳全文)
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Nespresso. What eles?-Like A Star Please, please come on in. 請,請進。 But it is only because it's y... (詳全文)
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FROM 來源 This contents all from this website, I just try to treanslate it. 所有內容都來自這個網站,俺是翻... (詳全文)
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劇場版名探侦コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼歌名:Happy Birthday 演唱:杏子 作詞/作曲:スガシカオ收錄專輯:Happy Bi... (詳全文)
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這篇只是俺找篇文章來翻譯看看...>The article is only for tyring translation. Let's go~ 2010 Wikimedia desig... (詳全文)
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