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Sunset farm at Salt Spring island

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Sandy Robley~
Born and raised in British Columbia, Sandy Robley has raised sheep for more than 40 years - 28 of those years on Sunset Farm on Salt Spring Island. Along with pet donkeys, horses, and a llama, Sandy and her daughter Christy, a veterinarian, love the shepherds life.

A sheep farm of over 300 acres, owned and leased, she raises her flock of sheep naturally, on the native grasses of the Gulf Islands.

Naturally raised sheep are happy sheep, which produce wonderful wool for knitting, spinning, and felting, beautiful sheepskins, all natural wool comforters, blankets and pillows, and the best natural lamb meat on the Gulf Islands fit for a Queen. In fact, it was our farm that provided lamb for Queen Elizabeth's visit to Victoria in the 1980's.

Address: 1325 Sunset Drive
Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 1E2
Telephone: 250-537-2082
Website: www.sunsetfarmstudio.com 
Email: sunsetfarm@shaw.ca 

Hours:  Off Season (October - April)

Shoulder Season (May, June, Sept.)

Summer Season (July - August)

Sunset farm at Salt Spring island

台長: Momo~
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