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The working principle of rice color sorter

When the rice flows slowly from top to bottom along the chute automatically set by the machine, rice sorting machine ,the high-speed optical camera lenses hidden on both sides of the chute will automatically collect the color information of the rice.


Once it is found that there are abnormal rice grains with different colors, shapes and sizes hidden in the rice team, the camera will instantly capture and image them and lock the target.


Then, the light signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the high-frequency solenoid valve device will turn on the air flow switch immediately after receiving the signal, and the driver will drive the ejector to eject a high-speed, short air flow to quickly remove the impurities mixed in the rice grains.


In fact, rice has already undergone thousands of trials in the high-speed color sorter, and the color sorter has compound eyes like a dragonfly.



The basic process of rice color sorting machine 

Advantages of color sorter made by wesortcolorsorter 

The role of color sorter in millet processing 

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