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Take advantage of the technical advantages of vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is a process that uses a ventilated mold. Molten metal is flowed into the mold by air pressure, and then the air is removed, creating a vacuum.  vacuum casting services This casting method is mainly used for small parts or gemstones with precise details.


Vacuum casting is a physical modeling method combining vacuum technology and Shazu group. Seal the mold and the back with plastic film, use a vacuum pump to generate negative pressure, use a master mold inside and outside, use an external pressure car to tighten the mold, selfish, close the mold, pour and cure, release the negative pressure or stop the suction, and make sandpaper.


(1) Appropriate vacuum degree, high non-coagulation degree, and high casting quality.

(2) Combined with computer mold flow analysis and simulation, vacuum casting can predict the occurrence of casting defects, which greatly saves the time of modeling design and improves work efficiency.


Advantages of vacuum suction casting

What are the advantages of using vacuum low pressure casting

Benefits of vacuum suction casting

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