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How to degrade biodegradable plastic bags

As a widely used item in life and business, plastic bags can be seen almost everywhere. With the improvement of living standards and the deepening of environmental protection concepts. biodegradable polybags,So what are the degradation methods of degradable environmentally friendly plastic bags?


We can divide them into four categories:


1. Photodegradable plastic: Under sunlight, it can be gradually decomposed by adding photosensitizer to the plastic bag.


2. Biodegradable plastic bags: can be eliminated naturally under microbial decomposition. This plastic bag is widely used and is especially popular in the medical/pharmaceutical industry.


3. Water-degradable plastic bag: After adding water-absorbing substances, the material of the plastic bag changes, and it can be dissolved by throwing it into water after use. These plastic bags are mainly used in the medical/pharmaceutical industry for easy sterilization and destruction.


4. Plastic bags that combine photodegradation and biodegradation: Eco-friendly plastic bags are produced by combining these two plastic bag manufacturing technologies.



Why are PE plastic bags so popular? 

What are degradable plastic bags made of? 

The advantages of degradable plastic bags 

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