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The race between you and yourself ..

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One of my outstanding advisees, Robert, was trying to finish his last mile for PhD degree. For some NK reasons, he was stalled and going no where since last Spring quarter.

His advisor is my NTU senior school brother. We had exchanged opinions and got no solution to help Robert.

Saw robert posted "Lonely and hopeless. Don't know how to go on!" 

Not too surprising to me, especially when you are the point of inches away from your PhD degree, but could not get the motivation to overcome the mental barriers.

The feeling of loneliness and hopelessness is the most common and difficult part in becoming a Permanent Head Damage. 

That home stretch that looks so winding and endless is always the hardest of a race just between you and yourself. You got to hold on and keep yourself as one piece as strong as possible!

Talking will surely help you to overcome that feeling of loneliness and helplessness.

Just chat, no need to focus on anything.

Just chatting on anything - I would prefer NFL, swimming, cycling, even cooking, as long as can sidetrack yourself and pull yourself out of the quicksand and get going to the finishing line!

The only winner or loser is yourself. Others are just bystanders who got nothing to do with your race!!!

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