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2004-07-27 10:02:19

Museum of Regiments

Our mission is To Preserve artefacts and archival material related to the military history of Canada, with an emphasis on Western Canada; To Remember the sacrifices of Canadian and allies in the defen...

2004-07-27 01:28:42

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is operated by the Fort Calgary Preservation Society. The Society’s mandate is to preserve, utilize, develop, interpret and promote Fort Calgary for the benefit of the citizens and visit...

2004-07-27 01:25:15

Lake Louise

Canada's "Diamond in the Wilderness," and the "Hiking Capital of Canada" is conveniently located in the centre of the Alberta Rockies. The world famous Lake Louise is a beautiful and relatively unspoi...

2004-07-27 01:14:27

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, the great backbone of North America, extend 5,000 kilometers from New Mexico to Canada. The elevations range from about 1,500 meters along the plains to 4,399 meters, and the widt...

2004-07-27 01:06:29

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower wishes to ensure that all "Virtual Tourists" are treated as warmly and as openly as the half a million "Reality Based Tourists" who visit us each year! Officially opened June 30th...

2004-07-17 00:25:23


While the girls were doing the handworks. The boys were working pretty hard... ... playing games. Cliff Huang. (Photo by: Cliff Huang)

2004-07-17 00:08:44


Because of the Stampede. The teacher suggested that the students may do some handworks. They made a very represetative "Cow Boy Necklace". And some hand-made greeting cards. Cliff Huang....

2004-07-16 23:46:58

Canadian Bears

The most special animals in the Clagary Zoo are bears and wolfs. Cliff Huang. (Photo by: Cliff Huang)

2004-07-16 23:36:47

Calgay Zoo

Calgary Zoo is the second largest zoo in Canada~~! And the special thing in here, is that the zoo is separated into 2 parts. One is called " The Canadian Wilds " (Real Animals), and the other ...

2004-07-16 23:30:10


Inside the Science Center, There are lots of things you can do. So... The Kids love coming here! Cliff Huang. (Photo by: Cliff Huang)

2004-07-16 23:25:31

Science Center

It is just like the Science Museum in Tai-Chung (Taiwan). Many schools take their students there and know more about science. It is good for the kids, because they can work on many things a...

2004-07-11 14:12:09

Ancient Great Wall

Everyone knows that in China, There's a "Great Wall". And this is almost the same thing, But, made of wood instead of rocks! They are both used as a wall to block the enemies, and protect the...

2004-07-11 14:02:14

Heritage (Old school)

Hey! Two teachers standing together. One from 1860s, and another one from 2000s. (That's me!) It is said that in ancient times, People didn't have to go to school everyday. They just go ther...

2004-07-11 13:44:01

Heritage (Travel through time!)

Travel Back through time!! While strolling through the 1910 town, you may experience the romance of prairie wedding or catch some good old-fashion gossip at the Alberta Bakery. (Alberta is the ...

2004-07-11 13:13:45

Heritage (Old west)

Come discover the Old West, right in the heart of Calgary. Three different time periods in Western Canada's history are brought to life daily for your enjoyment: 1860s Fur Trading era. 18...

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