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2004-10-22 13:50:26

Community University - 社區大學

剛開始, 只是幫其他老師代課... 後來, 社區大學跟我談有關免學分費的課程, 這種由政府補助, 免費開放給學生來學的課, 真的很少... 正所謂, 有錢出錢, 有力出力... 我覺得, 能用我的專長去幫助需要幫助...

2004-10-18 12:47:31

To get - 得到

人生不是得到一份圓滿結局; 就是學到怎樣更靠近圓滿... 不是得到勝利; 就是學到如何避免失敗... 不是得到最終自己想要的結果; 就是學到…世事總不會盡如人意... 不是得到…就是學到 這樣的人生沒...

2004-08-16 21:50:01

Chinook Centre

It is a Shopping centre located in Calgary.

2004-08-16 21:38:36


Finally, They finished the whole course! They are excellent students! I am so proud of them! They improved a lot!

2004-08-16 21:29:39
2004-08-16 21:16:29

Calaway Park

Calaway Park offers a vast array of incredible rides, live stage shows, and special entertainment. There are many attractions for fun seekers, families, and small children. Come spend a day at Calaway...

2004-08-16 21:08:07

Bernard Chocolate Factory

CHOCOLATERIE Bernard Callebaut Canada was started in March of 1983 as a manufacturer of what is considered to be the highest quality line of Canadian-made chocolates and chocolate related products, wh...

2004-08-16 20:51:02

The earth...

This is the earth on which we are living! It is always going round and round... Just like our lives... Always going on and on... When you are in the dark, don't be afraid. Because, soon....

2004-08-16 20:45:36


Look at those beautiful rocks!

2004-08-16 20:39:56


At the heart of South Central Alberta, the Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery and interesting things to do. Within easy driving distance of Banff, Calgary or...

2004-08-16 20:36:52

Horse Back Riding

In Taiwan... There are also some places for visitors to ride horses. But, the different thing is that in Taiwan ... There's always a person in front of the horse leading you. And in Calgary....

2004-08-16 20:20:28

Lloyd's Roller Blading

In-line skating (often called "rollerblading", which is the trademark of the industry leader, or simply, "blading") actually began in 1823 in London, England, though it didn't catch on at the time. In...

2004-08-16 20:09:08

Talisman Centre

Training, fitness, healthy lifestyles, competition,and personal bests. A leader in the sport and recreation industry. Talisman Centre represents all of these goals and more. Calgary is one of the mo...

2004-08-16 20:01:44

Olympic Park

The largest of its kind in North America, the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum is a shining tribute to the Olympic ideal. Yet it is more than a memorial to the XV Olympic Winter Games where visitors ca...

2004-07-27 12:13:15


Today, I went for a movie with the students. They wanted to see "Troy", so, eventhough I've see it before... I still joined it for the second time. Not a bad movie to watch it twice in the thea...

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