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Calgary Tower

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The Calgary Tower wishes to ensure that all "Virtual Tourists" are treated as warmly and as openly as the half a million "Reality Based Tourists" who visit us each year!

Officially opened June 30th 1968, the 'Tower' has become the City of Calgary's most famous and identifiable physical landmark. Though now over 35 years old, the Calgary Tower offers the Best View in Calgary and is still a must-see on any tourist's itinerary.

Throughout the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, a symbolic flame burned at the top of the Tower, making the Calgary Tower the World's Largest Olympic Torch. The torch is still lit today for special occasions, like Canada Day and during the Calgary Flames race for the Stanley Cup, sparking fond memories as well as a certain civic pride in all Calgarians.

(Photo by: Cliff Huang)

台長: Clifford H.
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