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At the heart of South Central Alberta, the Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery and interesting things to do. Within easy driving distance of Banff, Calgary or Red Deer, a few hours on good all-weather highways will take you into another world - the world of startling contrasts between the deep past and the exciting present. Rolling fields suddenly give way to steep, dry coulees ridged with the strata of hundreds of years of erosion by time, wind and water. And, through it all, the tranquil Red Deer River gently makes its way through parkland and myriad of recreational opportunities.

Drumheller Valley has much more to offer the half-million visitors who come to the area annually. Over 50 attractions are all conveniently located within a 100 square kilometre (60 square mile) area. You will be able to cover most, if not all, of them by taking one of the three scenic drives described in this brochure. Use it as your guide while you enjoy your stimulating visit to this unique vacation area. You'll agree; there is nowhere quite like Drumheller Valley!

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