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What are the advantages of IPS screen technology

I believe that many people have heard of IPS LCD screen technology. Many terminal products have advertised that their products use IPS displays. Indeed, many terminal products, mobile devices, lg screen   and industrial equipment on the market use IPS technology, which also shows that IPS The technology has been highly recognized by the market.

1. High screen hardness: The special arrangement allows the liquid crystal molecules of the IPS hard screen to recover faster after being squeezed, effectively reducing the impact of touch and other situations on the screen playback.

2. Fast response time: Compared with other wide viewing angle technologies, the response time of IPS hard screen is faster, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of "afterimage" when playing dynamic pictures.

3. High light transmittance, energy saving and environmental protection: As the best panel technology in the world, IPS hard screen has 25% higher aperture ratio than ordinary wide viewing angle screen, higher utilization of backlight and more energy saving.


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