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What are the types of cat scratching boards? how to choose

The materials of cat scratching boards can be roughly divided into  types: corrugated paper, hemp rope, scratch pads and wood, etc. The degree of debris falling of various materials is different. degree to choose pet products supplier  .

Corrugated paper: Corrugated cat scratching boards are divided into two types: disposable and replaceable accessories. They are very husky and very popular with fur children. The downside is that the body is lighter and the cat moves easily when grinding its claws, producing a lot of debris.

Hemp rope: The hemp rope cat scratch board is stronger than corrugated paper, and it is not easy to produce debris. The tactile sensation of sharpening the claws is similar to that of a tree, which is very easy to attract cats to use. However, because hemp has a unique smell, there are still many cats who are reluctant to try it.

Scratching board: Some cats like to use a carpet to sharpen their claws, and a cat scratching board of the same material as the general carpet can come in handy. However, due to the similarity to the carpet, cats can be difficult to tell apart and rub their paws in inappropriate places.


Things to Consider When Buying Pet Supplies

How to choose a pet supplies factory? 

How to choose a scratching board for a “cat owner”? 

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