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10 Things You Never Knew About Damon Albarn

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你可能不知道有關 Damon Albarn 的10件事?!


作者 evonndog (evon) 看板 Blur
標題 [閒聊] 你可能不知道有關 Damon Albarn 的10件事?!
時間 Tue Sep 20 11:39:20 2011

16/09/2011 Words by Errol Anderson

From ‘Parklife’ meddling to animated band head honcho; we peek into the weird and wonderful life of the Britpop innovator.
從 blur 第3張張錄音室專輯《Parklife》到組 GORILLAZ 虛擬樂團所帶領的音樂潮流,我們可以大約窺見Damon Albarn 這位 Britpop 音樂革命的美好迥異的生活。

Blur were originally known as Seymour, but their record company refused to sign them up until they changed their name to something else. Blur was one of the names on a long list of choices that they finally decided on. Tough love.
Blur 原始團名叫做 Seymour ,直到唱片公司 Food Records拒絕簽下他們才改成我們現在所熟悉的團名,聽說在選新團名的時候當時準備了一長串的名單,最後才決定要叫 Blur,好感人的故事。

In the Gorillaz jam ‘Clint Eastwood’, the lyrics “I got sunshine in a bag” are in fact a reference to marijuana or a similarly illegal import.
The line was plucked from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, where Eastwood refers to a saddlebag full of gold as sunshine in a bag.
在 Gorillaz 2001年首張專輯 "Clint Eastwood" 這首歌的歌時寫到
“I got sunshinein a bag(我有一袋子的陽光)”,其實這句歌詞寫的是 "我有裝滿一袋子的毒品" 要非法偷渡的意思,歌詞取自電影"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"中,演員 Eastwood的台詞,比喻靴子裝毒品好像是裝滿了黃金,就像陽光一般金光閃耀。

Kid: Hey Mister where ya heading?
Clint: Don’t know
Kid: You gonna be alright
Clint: Yeah Kid, I got sunshine in a bag.

Albarn’s regular alias, Dan Abnormal, is actually an anagram of his name, used most famously in the title of a song on ‘The Great Escape’.Other anagrams include Abandon Marl, Banal Random, Anal Mad Born and Ban Damn Oral.
Just in case he ever got bored of his current one.
Blur 《The Great Escape》專輯裡 "Dan Abnormal" 這首歌,其實是 Damon Albarn 用自己的名子拼成的,其他有關他的分身名字還有 Abandon Marl, Banal Random,Anal Mad Born 還有 Ban Damn Oral ....等,

‘Song 2’ is not only two minutes and two seconds long. It’s also the second song on Blur’s self-titled album, the second single from that album to be released, and the second song on their greatest hits collection, ‘Blur: The Best Of’.
Blur 同名專輯《Blur》裡的"Song 2" 這首歌,不只是一首長度兩分多鐘的歌曲,這首歌也是《Blur》裡的第2首曲目,同時也是《Blur》發行單曲裡的第2張單曲,
甚至在精選輯《Blur: The Best Of》也是放在曲目中的第2首歌的位置。

Damon’s radically beset anti-war stance stems from the strongrelationship he shared with his grandfather. Grandpa Albarn was one of the many soldiers imprisoned as a conscientious objector during World War II.
He’s previously worked with CND and the Stop The War coalition, organising campaigns to raise awareness of the potential dangers of the UK’s involvement in a war.
Damon 之所以會反戰,跟他祖父是二次大戰期間的許多被監禁的士兵之一有著很大的關係,他曾參與反核組織 CND 和 反戰組織的遊行活動,想借此提高人們對英國在戰爭中參與的潛在危險性的認識。

Before Blur, he attempted to make ends meet by attempting a career as a mime and also working as a tea boy at the Beat Factory studio.
He also performed briefly with a host of other groups including Two’s A Crowd , The Aftermath and Real Lives.
在還沒開始組團玩 Blur 之前, 年輕時的 Damon 度過一段艱苦與入不敷出的苦日子,他當過The Beat Factory 錄音室裡的端茶小弟 ,還加入過幾個樂團,玩得是synth pop流行樂風,,他的第一個樂隊叫做 Two’s A Crowd,而在組 Blur 之前他還加入過一個叫做The Aftermath and Real Lives 的樂團。

【7.】 Here’s a bit of dimensional trivia for you. Damon did backing vocals for Massive Attack’s ‘100th Window’ album under his Gorillaz pseudonym 2D, the spiky-haired front man of the group. Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja is nicknamed 3D.
這邊有幾件小事你要知道, Damon 曾經在 Massive Attack(強烈衝擊)《100th Window》專輯中"Small Time Shot Away"獻唱和聲,Damon 用的是他在虛擬樂團Gorillaz裡留有spiky-haired 髮型虛擬歌手 2D 作為歌手的化名,而 Massive Attack 主唱 Robert Del 的匿名叫做 3D。

Damon Albarn and Dan Nakamura sampled the theme for Gorillaz’‘Rock The House’ from the 1966 film Modesty Blaise. In the spy film,a secret agent with the ability to change her hair instantly gets used by the British government as a decoy in an effort to thwart a diamond heist.
Damon Albarn and 日籍嘻哈製作人 Dan Nakamura 共同打造了Gorillaz
"Rock The House’"這首歌,歌曲的靈感來自於1966年由英國經典漫畫所改編的電影《Modesty Blaise》作為藍本,在這部間諜片中,一位頂著風情萬種時尚髮型的女特務成功替英國政府阻止了一件鑽石竊案。

The album ‘The Fall’ was composed predominantly on an Apple iPad.The entire thing was recorded and produced in just thirty-two days, and was written while Gorillaz were touring the States for their previous hit album ‘Plastic Beach’. Many of the tracks make references to where they were made.
2010年 Gorillaz 第4張正式專輯《The Fall》,Damon 運用了時下最流行的科技產品Apple iPad 作為錄製專輯的機器,利用第3張專輯《Plastic Beach》在美國巡迴宣傳途中完成,只花了短短32天的時間製作。

Blur were nominated twice for the Mercury Prize: for ‘13’ and ‘Parklife’. Damon Albarn is the only artist to ever withdraw a nomination for the Gorillaz back in 2001.
Since then, none of his albums have been nominated.
《13》and 《Parklife》這兩張專輯曾經讓 Blur 獲得 the Mercury Prize(英國水星音樂獎)兩次被提名為,至於 Damon 個人以 artist 的身分被 the Mercury Prize 提名,是以2001年發行的 Gorillaz


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