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Even Kelly Clarkson needs to focus when covering this song. Such a classic. (詳全文)
發表時間:2022-01-21 00:00:00 | 回應:0
This song can still bring me to tears. (詳全文)
發表時間:2022-01-03 22:00:00 | 回應:0
Joseph Ross Israeli singer/songwriter Noga Erez covered the Billboard No.1 single "INDUSTRY BABY" by Lil Na... (詳全文)
發表時間:2021-12-26 21:00:00 | 回應:0
Oh My Queen of Sad Songs (Sorry Adele). (詳全文)
發表時間:2021-10-05 22:00:00 | 回應:0
Chris Almeida Rising poet-turned-musician Arlo Parks covered Clairo's "Bags" on SiriusXMU. (詳全文)
發表時間:2021-01-29 21:00:00 | 回應:0
I guess we have to thank Arizona for this amazing cover? (Updated 26 November 2020) Now that Phoebe Brid... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-11-13 23:00:00 | 回應:0
"With little cute baby Clairo" - Billie Eilish, 2019. (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-10-09 22:00:00 | 回應:0
Natasha Khan a.k.a. Bat for Lashes, who just welcomed her first child in July, unveiled a cover of the Carpe... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-09-30 21:00:00 | 回應:0
Miley Cyrus covered Hall & Oates' "Maneater" on Jimmy Fallon. This song just never gets old. (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-09-11 22:00:00 | 回應:0
I like Phoebe Bridgers' skeleton shirt so much. Interestingly Hayley Williams also covered the same song las... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-09-08 22:00:00 | 回應:0
Jess Gleeson Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" is such a hard song to nail live but Gordi definitely did it jus... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-07-24 20:00:00 | 回應:0
The commies are coming to town! I need to take this chill pill! Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-05-22 20:00:00 | 回應:0
Can somebody tell me why Like a Version released the footage of Regina Spektor covering Radiohead's "No Surp... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-05-09 22:00:00 | 回應:0
Waxahatchee recently covered Caroline Polachek's "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings". The American indie roc... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-04-04 19:00:00 | 回應:0
Damien Rice covered Sia's "Chandelier", a part of the effort to help raise money after the Australian bushf... (詳全文)
發表時間:2020-03-10 20:00:00 | 回應:0
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