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Check out Damien Rice's heartbreaking cover of U2's song "One". The song is taken from the upcoming AHK-toon... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-10-12 23:34:23 | 回應:0
Okay, let's continue the series of "Taylor and Friends". This time the country princess invited B.o.B onstag... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-10-11 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory" as G... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-09-29 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Taylor Swift brought in her buddy Hayley Williams from Paramore and performed the band's hit "That's What Yo... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-09-18 23:00:00 | 回應:0
It seems like amazing twins The Veronicas have a pretty good relationship with the amazing Disney-bred singe... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-09-03 23:00:00 | 回應:0
It is not a top secret that Taylor Swift has a thingy for rapping, as the country princess has tried out psu... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-08-30 23:00:00 | 回應:0
The Vaccines are quite into covers recently. Not long after the "Where Is My Mind" cover together with Noah ... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-08-24 23:00:00 | 回應:0
New UK bands on the block The Vaccines, and Noah and the Whale joined forces and performed on Triple J's seg... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-08-18 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Jimmy Fallon invited Black Simon and Garfunkel, the black version of the famous American folk duo Simon and ... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-08-12 23:00:00 | 回應:1
Coldplay paid tribute to Amy Winehouse at Splendour In The Grass festival. The band performed a part of her ... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-08-04 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Brighton-based singer/songwriter Natasha Khan, better known by her stage name Bat for Lashes, played a brand... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-06-07 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Jessie J can truly sing, and literally she can sing anything. The British songstress covered Whitney Houston... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-05-26 23:00:00 | 回應:0
The gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow is enjoying her life as a singer after starring in Country Strong and nailing "... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-05-19 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Off-the-wall pretty Eliza Doolittle did a zestful cover of Kanye West's contentious song "Runaway" at Manche... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-04-06 23:00:00 | 回應:0
Ellie Goulding covered the song "Heartbeats" by The Knife and turned it into a warm and touching acoustic ba... (詳全文)
發表時間:2011-03-13 23:00:00 | 回應:0
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