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昨日(2013.09.11),人在馬祖上課,新聞媒體Wall Street Journal的連線專訪報導如後(內有個人關於台灣九月政爭馬王決裂的若干分析)~

Wall Street Journal(華爾街日報)

September 11, 2013, 12:45 p.m. ET

Rift Widens Within Taiwan's Ruling Party
Kuomintang Suspends Membership of Speaker of Legislature


TAIPEI—A split in Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang widened Wednesday, after the party suspended the membership of the speaker of the legislature amid a scandal and he filed an appeal to block the move.

The suspension of legislative speaker Wang Jin-pyng threatens to remove from office a heavyweight in Taiwanese politics, who has presided over an often fractious legislature since 1999. His decision to fight the removal further complicates efforts by President Ma Ying-jeou to get past yet another distraction, some political analysts said.

Mr. Wang, 72 years old, and former Justice Minister Tseng Yung-fu were accused of using their influence to block prosecutors from filing an appeal after an opposition party member was found not guilty on embezzlement charges. Mr. Wang told reporters Wednesday that he didn't intervene and said prosecutors had violated the constitution by tapping his mobile phone line.

The suspension of Mr. Wang's party membership would strip him of his post as a legislator-at-large, a position appointed by the party rather than through direct election. Without that legislative position, Mr. Wang will have to step down as the speaker.

Earlier Wednesday, President Ma, who also doubles as the KMT chairman, lashed out at Mr. Wang, saying he "is unfit to be the legislative speaker."

"I hope he, in the end, will voluntarily resign from the legislature in order to save the dignity of the parliament and the Kuomintang," Mr. Ma said.

The brouhaha has sent ripples through Taiwan's already volatile political circles. Mr. Tseng on Friday agreed to resign as justice minister after much urging from the premier, while maintaining his claim of innocence.

Mr. Tseng is among a list of officials that have fallen from grace since Mr. Ma was elected president in 2008. Last month, Taiwan was forced to name its second new defense minister in a week, following the resignation of newly installed ministry head Andrew Yang after he admitted plagiarism. Mr. Ma also lost his finance minister two weeks into his second term last year and watched his cabinet secretary get hauled away in handcuffs in December amid allegations of bribery.

Political analysts said Mr. Wang's diplomatic skills and political clout have helped various parties reach consensus in the legislature via closed-door negotiations he oversaw.

Without Mr. Wang, "closed-door cross-party talks may not be able to resolve conflicts. There is likely to be more fighting in the legislature and it will probably take more time for a bill to be passed," said Chen Chao-chien, a public-affairs professor at Ming Chuan University in Taipei.

Though the KMT has a majority of the seats, Taiwan's lawmakers are due to discuss several key pieces of legislation before the end of the year, including the government's budget for next year and a measure on forging closer trade ties with China.

On Tuesday, a lawmaker said he would retract a proposal to hold a national referendum on proceeding with the construction of the island's fourth nuclear plant, further delaying the completion of the plant.

—Fanny Liu contributed to this article


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