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Jack Russell Terrier

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~by Prudence~

My neighbor Ms. was told there's a rat hiding in the pipe outside her yard. Then in the next 2 days. Her Jack Russell Terrier was barking at her shoe cabinet right by her front door for two days-- two long days.

Then her husband figured there's something wrong. Something must be hiding in the cabinet. So he carefully got close up and took a look. He heard the sh-sh hissing. But their little dog was too fast. He grabbed a long snake , yanked and bit the tail off. He didn't stop there. He bit the snake again, and bit it off. Then the snake was cut into three pieces and died. The man now had a chance to call 911, and send the pic in. Oh! Wow! It's a C-O-B-R-A.

The firefighter said he's not coming over now that the snake was dead. Ms. said, ''Don't firefighters like to drink snake soup and make magic snake liquor?”The firefighter said, ''pls call the Environment control office. Once the snake is dead, it's garage, and it's their job. They could cook the snake soup and make magic snake liquor. A treat from the Department of Fire Station.''

By the way, the Firefighter continued, ''when the garage guys come, pls tell them your Jack Russell Terrier killed the Cobra. Anyone who kills a Cobra will receive a fine. You'd better save the money and buy a steak supper for your puppy.

His name?


Super was numb for a couple days. The vet checked the black spot on his throat and chest. He guessed the Cobra did bite him but didn't have a chance to sink it's tooth deep in. But the venom..... Wow!

Thank you Lord for the househood protection.

Super,the hero, killed a 3ft. long Cobra.

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