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We established the company “Paradise Of Persimmons“ for finding the new outlets of sweet persimmons grown over 5000 ha. in Taiwan.. We mainly help the farmers grow excellent persimmons and create new sale outlets of sweet persimmons.

First, we got the quality license of “ 甜柿鮮果吉園圃 “ for the eating safety of consumers, developing the preservation techniques to prolong expiration date, choosing the superior factories to work with for the high quality artifacts. Our main products come in many different forms, including chips, tea, wine, noodles, vinegar, jelly, yogurt which are all made of persimmons. Meanwhile, we also use the special techniques to develop ice-fermented pear juice and the unique organic Gui Bamboo sprouts.

We have gotten lots of awards from the Board of Foreign Trade, such as “Taiwan Top Ten Souvenir”, “The 100 Taiwan Tourism Specialty Certification”, “Eco-friendly Green Package” and so on. At the airport and in the OTOP of the THSR station, our products can be found. In the future, our main goals are to produce high quality persimmon artifacts ,to set up Persimmon Museum, and to strengthen the specialty of local products. By the above ways, we look forward to develop the local tourism industry and trade the high quality products to the countries all over the world.


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