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Do you know the ecological importance of stone paper?

As we all know, stone paper is a green document, so do you know the environmental significance of stone paper recycling?

1. Ecological safety resources, technological innovation to maintain vitality, no air pollution (no strong acid, no solid alkali, no bleach, no phosphorescent agent, no permanent water, no shrub cutting).

2. Good body strength (tear resistance, folding resistance, freezing resistance). The purchase price is quite cheap, the recycling process is not difficult, and no waste water and waste fuel are produced.

 4. After long-term exposure to sunlight for about 6 months, it can naturally decompose and return to the territory. There are several incredible eco-friendly rock paper generation and packaging products. Natural stone paper is suitable for most publishing strategies.


The concept of environmentally friendly stone paper 

What are the excellent properties of stone paper

What contribution does stone paper make to the environment?

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