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Why can't freight elevators carry people?

Why can't a freight elevator carry people? A freight elevator can actually carry people.​cargo elevator,   For example, a one-ton freight elevator is no different from a one-ton passenger elevator. If the factory says that the freight elevator cannot carry people, it is mostly to improve operating efficiency and save electricity.

For large-tonnage elevators, installing one or two people up and down will put a lot of pressure on the elevator's operation, especially when the motor and reducer system fails due to the operating pressure, the factory will strictly prohibit the freight elevator from carrying people.

The freight elevator mezzanine in the factory is very high. If people are locked on the mezzanine, rescue will be more troublesome, and some designs will make rescue more troublesome.


​Advantages of using freight elevators 

​Features of guide rail type hydraulic lift freight elevator 

​Precautions for the use of people and freight elevators 

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