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Can I use the first person in my personal statement essay?

Using the first person in an essay means to use pronouns like "I," “we," "me," "my," “us," and "our." In high school, students are taught not to use the first person in their essays because academic essays are based on research and should be formal, and first-person sounds informal. This rule can be broken at times. However, academic essays are different from personal essays. Because while writing an academic essay, it is uncomfortable for students to use first-person words like "I." It feels very informal for a researched text. One of the main reasons why teachers forbid using the first person is the excessive use of it. Yes, students tend to start every sentence with the first-person, hence, having repetitive words. This is relatively informal according to the essay writing rules of essay writer free online. But there are times when it is more efficient to use the first person, such as using a personal narrative; there is always this one need in essay writing to have a strong hook, to attract the audience even more. The best hook can be a personal story related to your life or an experience you have been through. 

Writing the whole personal narrative without using a single person would be very awkward, such as "I" or "me." Readers will definitely like a little personal touch. The second time you can use a single person is to establish your character; a writer can increase their character or, in other words, by proving that he is a trustworthy and reliable source, and the best way to do that is to share a personal story. To let the reader know a bit of yourself. You can also ask someone to write my essay for me for free. The third way to use the first single in an essay is to state your opinions on a specific topic; now, mainly in persuasive or argumentative essays. You have to state your views on why your statement is correct; there are numerous errors if you try to state your opinion without the first person. The tip is to use the first person lightly and use personal pronouns to make your word clear and understandable for the readers to understand your language.

Students are often burdened with strong strict rules of essay writingsuch as using five paragraphs are a must, beginning of the sentences should not be with “and” or "because," adding personal opinion is forbidden, never use “I” in the sentence. These rules are made with good intentions, but it is turned into unnecessarily strict rules. The cons of this strict ruling are that it has made a writer's hand so tight that they are surrounded by these strict rules and cannot adapt writing styles from different fields. Free essay writing service can break some of these old-school rules as far as it serves your purpose. Many writers from various fields are looking for ways on how to depart from these strict rulings. Avoiding the first person pronounce every time in a sentence can lead to awkwardness. Whereas writing in your style can develop you as a writer. It opens doors for improvement and learning.

Using first sentences can improve your essay in many ways, like, making your words clear and easy to understand because, as said before, avoiding first-person pronouns in every sentence can make the essay very awkward. Using first-person pronouns can develop your writing style. Add yourself in the essay of websites to write essays; show how you did the research, what inspired you to write what you wrote. In sentences like these, you will need to add first-person pronouns. An essay writer can help in writing such an essay. Decide whether your field allows you to add the first person or not. The rules are developing, so it is always good to ask your instructor about the use of first persons if you are unsure. While writing a speech, you can use the first person, or even the second person, "you." It builds a connection between the reader and the writer. But if you are writing a resume or CV for a job, avoid using the first person; include your experience, education, and skills.

To decide if you can use the first person or not, you have to go through your question or topic that is assigned. Sometimes personal experience creates a distraction in your topic. But references of your own life in an essay can boost your interest in a topic. For example, in a philosophical essay, you need to reconstruct an opinion or renew a thought with your thoughts. Now doing this effortlessly may include writing your experiences; writing about the incidents you have experienced can help you write about it in more detail.  A personal experience is a beneficial tool in the philosophical essay, as essay writer free knows how to explain your knowledge to the readers. Many academies have religious courses as well; they assign you to write an essay on different religions. Most religious courses take the cultural approach, and these require impersonality. You can also take the help of a paper writing service. Regardless of your firm beliefs, you can not put your personal opinions on religious writings, as they contain compassionate sentiments.

It is always a good idea to ask your instructor if your personal experience is required. If you are working on a historical project, personal experience can not have a part in this; there is no way to add a first-person or even second person in a historical project? Whereas, there is another way which is called exploring, historical projects are based on research purposes. So you might not be able to present your personal experience, but you can add other people’s experiences and use them as a reference.




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