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An Argumentative Essay Sample On Gun Laws Tips & Example

An argumentative essay is just one of the many essays you will write throughout your academic career. Most people find it very easy to write an effective argumentative essay. However, there are some students who struggle a lot when writing a good argumentative artistic essay. will provide you with some tips on how to write an argumentative essay and persuasive speech  too. 

This article will also provide you with a sample essay on gun laws, which will help you in understanding the structure of an argumentative essay. If you still have trouble with writing an argumentative essay, then consult an  essay writer. These writers are trained professionals and will be more than happy to help you.

Tips for an argumentative essay

Following are some key tips that you should remember when you write an argumentative essay:

  • Write an outline before starting your essay. It will ensure that you have a blueprint that you can follow.
  • Start your introduction with a hook or an attention-grabbing sentence.
  • Include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. This thesis statement is crucial for your essay because your topic sentences will be based on it.
  • Each paragraph should have a solid topic sentence. This sentence should be a claim that is arguable.
  • Make sure that the topic sentence links back to your thesis statement.
  • Use effective transitions between your paragraphs. It is essential that you maintain a proper flow when you write an argumentative essay. These transitions will help with that. 
  • Dedicate one body paragraph where you add a counter-argument for your stance and then refute it. This step will remove any bias from your essay 
  • Paraphrase your thesis statement and write it as the first sentence in your conclusion.
  • End your conclusion with a suggestion or recommendation.
  • Proof read your paper before you submit it. 

These tips should help answer your question, 'What should I keep in mind when I  write my paper?'. These tips are here to serve as a guideline for you. Remembering these tips and tricks when you write your next paper will guarantee you an effective and well-organized argumentative essay. 

Let us look at an example of an argumentative essay. This example essay is about gun laws and will be written in favor of their implementation. You can use this essay as a template for your next argumentative essay. 

Essay Sample

One of the most debatable topics in the world today is whether gun laws should be implemented or not. Some people argue that gun laws should not be implemented because people will still find ways to own guns and use them when they want. will help in providing safety to the people.

Gun laws need to be administered because they can help reduce school shootings and reduce gun violence

The number of school shootings can be substantially decreased by implementing gun laws. Most of school shootings happen due to children bringing firearms to school. These firearms are either owned by their family members, have been stolen, or have been bought off the black market. The children who bring firearms into the school are putting everyone’s life at risk. By implementing proper gun laws, these children’s access to guns will be cut off. This step will help bring down the rate of school shootings that have been steadily increasing in the past few years.

Not only will gun laws reduce school shootings, but they will also contribute to the reduction in the rate of crimes related to gun violence. Gun violence is a very common practice in the US. This is because people have easy access to firearms. By making sure that gun laws that tax people who own guns are introduced, the rate of gun violence can be brought down.

A counter-argument can be made that gun laws will not bring down crime. This is because gun ownership is the reason why gun violence is common in the country. This argument can be refuted because gun laws will make it harder for people to own guns, thus solving the gun-ownership problem. 

Bringing down the rate of both school shootings and gun violence is why gun laws should be administered

School shootings are a major issue in the U.S. This issue can be contained by imposing gun laws that make it harder for students to have access to firearms. Similarly, laws that tax gun owners can bring down the rate of gun violence, which is prevalent in the US. The government should look into these gun laws because they can help make the country a safer place.


The above sample shows how an argumentative essay should be written. Note that the thesis statement is bold. Each paragraph has a topic sentence and there is an example of a good transition between the body paragraphs. The conclusion starts with a paraphrased thesis statement. The conclusion also ends on a suggestion or recommendation

If you need help with writing a good argumentative essay, or any other type of essay, then get in touch with a  paper writing service. The writing service can help proofread your previous essays and point out where improvements can be made via scholarship essay . Similarly , the writing service can help with future essays you have to write. 

Now that you know the tips for writing an effective argumentative essay, it is time you start practicing. You will not write a perfect argumentative essay in the first go. However, you will start getting the hang of it after some time. Attempts, you will be writing a great argumentative essay by using all the tips mentioned in this article.

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