2011-03-07 09:01:43

My finally change television

I will our television from 29" CRT change to 42" LCD last week. Because our old televisioneverbackdown, so we mustchange the TV. The LCD TV be LEDback light and it price is not high, so we just buy it...

2011-01-29 15:00:28

Going to Department store

Today is Jan 29 2011, I'm and my wif with her sisters go to department store. First is buy second sister baby's shoes, because baby is spirit now. The baby maybe in a little while fatigued. So we n...

2011-01-28 16:37:23

雙系統概念機 HTC Cartridge

Today I have read a news at website,theyaresaying the HTC willhas new product of dual operating system. but I do not think so, they're can do it.http://www.android-hk.com/news/concept-phone-htc-cartri...

2011-01-07 13:40:57

I'm really bad.

I'm really bad, my car parked on the different floors. When I drove into the parking lot, there is no clear signage. I will my car put in B3, but my parking space was in B4 floors.

2011-01-04 16:01:36


「事業線」到底是什麼?最近在各大節目及媒體廣泛出現的事業線,指的就是女性的「胸線、乳溝 線」。隨著節目討論,讓事業線一詞成了另類的褒貶女性胸部一詞。說白一點就找一個很好聽名字來掩飾一些人對女性胸部看法。...

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