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Writing A Quantitative Research Paper: Do's And Don'ts

Writing is an activity not everyone finds interesting. And those who do might be believed to be nerds and bookworms. But if you have ever experienced enjoying your academic studies and activities you must know, writing itself is a healing and connecting process. As soon as you are interested you might observe that these little writing activities make you busy and easily divert you from any stress or anxieties you have. Essay writing is a technique that not only engages you with the world of literature but also engages you in the process of learning within yourself as well and I am sure once you discover that world, you would not mind staying there for a long time.

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Essay writing and paper writing might sound a little too much for a fun activity, but from a practical perspective, these activities help you to think critically. If you are a beginner essay writerall these writing details might scare you a little bit, but as soon as you start practicing, you will start enjoying the learning process. Try starting with brainstorming your ideas, and judging your perception. Support it with the idea of people around you, who might have discussed and researched more or less the same topics in some years of life. Add that information as supporting evidence to prove your judgment and let the world know of your thoughts.


After all these years of practice and composition, writing a research paper for me has become normal just like I was once asked by my teachers to write my essay on their given topics. But if you are new in the field and you have also been assigned to write a paper specifically, let me help you here and you will soon learn how to create the best research paper to show the world and get good grades in your academic career.


Quantitative Research paper


Research papers, I hope you must have read a lot for writing your essay or any argumentative assessment. If not, you can just google a ‘quantitative research paper’ regarding any topic that you want to see. You can find a paper and read it accordingly to understand the desired steps that need to be followed to write a paper on your own. Let’s state the basic steps that make a paper, an authentic research paper




        Literature review




        Experimental setup


        Results and discussion




As we know by the name “quantitative” the process involved mathematical explanation or measurements and statistics either received through some questionnaire or computational techniques or surveys. So the process involves a detailed analysis of the received data to conclude a possible solution as per the assumed hypothesis.


Some certain rules and regulations must be followed while working on these research-type works.


Do’s while working on a Research paper:


        Tell your thoughts clearly and accurately. You give the audience a fresh investigation and not anecdotes about your work.


        Test and display your study data for dependability


        Make sure the data you give are accurate and proper. Your contribution can provide the basis for future study in the specified field.


        Make sure the readers can make a correct and comprehensive understanding of the subject in all its facets, regardless of the facts you give.


        Emphasize research ideas as well as techniques. Explain your research for certain reasons.


        Conduct a detailed literature study for trustworthy and latest information.


        Cite properly all the given references that you have used while writing your paper.


        Do not use lame websites and unauthentic sources while writing your paper


        Read, reread, proofread and get your paper peer-reviewed as well.


Don’ts while writing your research paper


        No information in the document should be misrepresented. To the readers, be honest.


        Don't include anything that doesn't answer your queries or address your research issues.


        Don't add needless information. Keep it relevant, specific, and related to the matter.


        Don't provide explanations for the research as inadequate or ridiculous.


        Do not exceed the word limit advised. This indicates that you do not comply with the journal rules.


        Don't generalize the paper too much. Write a paper using your voice. An overview paper creates the idea that there is nothing you have to say.


        Don't write only for the sake of writing. Make it a worthwhile reading material that is assuring the reader of some quantitative research in the field.  Make sure every reference supports the cause and claim of your research paper.


Keeping in view these tips and steps you can surely make a good research paper. If you still have any confusion, you can simply contact any essay writing service website to get your issue resolved. These websites can provide any required assistance that your mind needs.


Research writing is a process that cannot get done in hurry. You need to be very careful while taking every step. Beginning from the research work process and ending it research paper and every little detail insertion till you submit it. You just have to make sure you do your best. The rest will be sorted out. You need to give your best. Do not take any shortcuts. Taking the high road while learning how to write a paper and finally writing it will cost you many benefits in your future academic and university research work life as well.

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