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The Problem with Resenting Women

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I‘m chatting up a cute young girl at the bar. Things are progressing nicely. I’m in the middle of arranging a date when I’m interrupted by a rather drunken belligerent acquaintance.

“Hey Savage, man, don’t fucking talk to this girl! She’s a fucking whore!”

Holy shit. Talk about an awkward moment; not to mention that this has to be one of the worst cock blocks in the history of man.

The mood in our little corner of the bar goes from light and fluffy to thunderdome levels in a matter of seconds. I slowly back away.

“Hey, if you have a problem with me, you say it to my face!” she shouts to my intoxicated cock blocker.

Naturally, this sets off a heated argument between the two. There’s no chance of me getting any action tonight. The mood has been killed… with a vengeance.

I stand back with the rest of the on-lookers and try to piece together the reasons for the argument.

Apparently, this girl had a one night stand with the guy’s best friend. Because the guy’s best friend is such a “nice guy” he felt that he didn’t deserve to get pumped and dumped by this girl. Thus, his reason for calling her a whore in the middle of a crowded bar.

resentment – a feeling of anger or displeasure stemming from belief that others have engaged in wrongdoing or mistreatment

Of course, this guy was totally out of line for a number of reasons. First, he blocked my cock, not cool dude. Second, his hatred toward this woman, for reasons that threaten his belief system, is completely unfounded.

What good does it do a man to harbor resentment toward a woman in this manner?

Back when I was an average frustrated chump, desperately trying to find a girl that would give me the time of day, I held a similar resentment toward women. Not so much to call them whores, but there was definitely some troubling thoughts stirring in my head.

How could these women keep hooking up with these scumbag frat guys? How do they not see what a great guy I am? etc. These are the types of questions that would run through my head. They are also the types of questions that were holding me back.

The problem with resenting women is that it doesn’t get you anywhere. All the bitching and moaning just causes you to become bitter and jaded. Your negativity will show and it will repulse those women you are trying to attract. Complaining about the complexity of a woman’s behavior and thought process is futile at best.

So my question to you readers, what should I have done in this situation? How do you deal with this kind of guy?

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