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I am Indian

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Beside me (on the flight),
There was an Indian sitting right beside me!

He was talking to me,
and said he has a farm in Vancouver.

The other students around me thought that
I was speaking Indian with him!

No! Of course not!
We were speaking English!

But, how could I understant his English so well???
Oh! In that, I need to give some special thanks to...

My first English teacher------ Micheal.
(MPS Englilsh Center, Bolivar, Venezuela.)

They share the same accent!
When I was learning English with Micheal,
I always go home and watch HBO.

Then... the next morning,
I always go back to Micheal and ask him:

" Sir, why isn't your English the same as on TV? "

And he will look at me and say:

" Because.... I am Indian! "

Cliff Huang.

台長: Clifford H.
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