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Missing You More And More

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I hope you are not sick of me, I sounded like a broken record.

Keep telling you I missed you with no answer,

That made me missing you more and more.


I just hope you would come into my dream,

Tell me anything or just scream.

I know screaming was never your style,

But just once, hearing you scream would make me smile.

Since you passed, I'm full of anger,

Angry at God and all those that kept us apart.

At time, I'm in horror,

Horrifying that I have broken your heart

Sixteen years ago, I shouldn't have faded away,

Sixteen years ago, I should have fought,

Now sixteen years seems so far away,

It has left me nothing but fraught.


Do you hate me, my dear, I want know.

Do you still love me, my dear, I need to know.

Because you are everything I know, I love you so.

And you are everything I know, I need you so.

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