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strange season

This is also a strange season for me because it is the first time that I've had a baby turn 2 and have not been expecting another one!  So, of course that begs the question, when will we be having another one media storage furniture???

 And, although I really don't know,Josh and I are both planning on travelling to Haiti on a mission trip this summer, and I don't need to get pregnant during this time leading up to the trip.  I will also be on Malaria meds for about a month after the trip, and although I need to discuss it with my doctor to make sure I have all my information straight, I'm pretty positive we need to postpone any pregnancy until after that Art Culture!

So, although we fully expect to continue to grow our family, it looks like, unless God surprises us, we will have a good bit bigger of an age gap between kids this time around.  And, honestly, that's going to be a little weird.  I mean, I've had at least one in diapers since Ava was born, and now it's looking like we may go through at least a short season with everyone out of diapers?!  Clearly, this will be something I'll be able to adjust to, but it is strange to think about.  

So, weirdness aside, Happy Birthday Egan!  We are so glad you are a part of our family Asian college of knowledge management!

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