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Using sensor accessories to realize digital power control

Imagine 20 years ago, if someone told you everything your smartphone will do eventually. This will be incomprehensible. This is the same dilemma we face when evaluating the future of household electricity. Light switches or power sockets have not been changed for decades, but until now, its potential has been limited.

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One of the biggest and most important benefits is a greater degree of control over household electricity in office spaces and on a wider range, thereby saving more electricity. In addition to the new digital power control system that can help people improve their understanding of the actual power usage, the technology will also have the ability to reduce and save money and prevent the waste of phantom power.

We can set these outlets to sleep mode, in which it will not continue to charge. You can buy some motion sensor accessories and plug it into the socket. If no motion is detected, the accessory will turn off, but it is expensive. These devices can use the same technology in each socket, or even better. The new technology can also provide more functions, but in the early stages of development, he can't talk about it yet.

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