2020-05-12 13:04:57

Digital potentiometer chip

potentiometers, as a commonly used electronic component, believe that engineers have already begun to contact when studying junior high school textbooks. Some basic circuit experiments arranged to ver...

2020-02-10 15:26:40

The best way to Use Header Tags

Like many Website positioning meat-and-potatoes techniques, there’s no denying that header tags are not as critically essential for your web site rankings as they was. Nevertheless, these tags ...

2019-08-14 17:19:31


仔細想想,我們的家庭教育主要是愛的方式不對,比如我們中國的家長花費大量時間和精力“陪讀”、“侍讀”,專當孩子的後勤。過分溺愛將造成嬌生慣養,使孩子喪失自強的信心和能力。   親子之愛,人皆有之。望子成...

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