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James新釋出的文件 In your Heart 中英對照

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在你心裡  In your Heart



If you can take your sense of Identity to the perspective of Unity with the Universal  Spirit and sustain it in the face of life's resistance, then you will have left the old paradigm. And the Eternal Being that lives in your heart will provide the Guidance you need.





When you experience the material world know that you are not experiencing it alone. And this is a very subtle distinction I am about to make, but it's an important one: You can converse with God. 


你可以有屬於真理和愛的談話而這樣很好因為它是教育但當你在經歷生活時,感覺到上帝的臨在 和你 一起 在經驗地球的世界,是不可缺少的。這就是共同創造,而它比教育還要往上再提升一大步。


You can have the conversations of truth and love, and this is well and fine because it is education. But as you go through life it's indispensable to feel the presence of God to experience the terrestrial world together as One. This is co-creation and it is a sizable step up from education.




It is always you and God, a plurality of exchange, if you will.


共同創造不是一種複數形態,而是合一來探索地球的世界。上帝和你是合一的,而當你在經歷你的生活經驗時,上帝藉由你的人類儀具 看到也聽到了,祂會輕推你往這邊走或往那邊去,因為你已經邀請了祂的臨在進入到你的心裡


Co-creation is not a plurality so much as it is the exploration of the terrestrial world as one. God and you are One, and as you go through your life experience, God sees and hears through your human instrument, nudging you this way or that because you have invited Its Presence into your heart.


對於那些更高次元的超精細頻率來講,心或人類的情感系統才是主要的感知器官。如果你邀請上帝進入到你的心中如果你 感覺到 這種臨在盛開了,那麼,當你在經驗你的生活時,你就可以感覺到它 在當下,正在被你和上帝一起創造性地完成,而不是你在經驗生活,然後藉由禱告或冥想來回報給上帝,並且尋求要做這個決定或那個決定的指點。要知道你是不是走在正確的道路上,靠的就是這種感覺


The heart or human emotional system is the primary organ of perception relative to the ultra-fine frequencies of the higher dimensions. If you invite God into your heart, if you feel this Presence blooming, then as you experience your life you can feel that it is being done creatively in the moment together with God, not as you are experiencing life and then reporting back to God through prayer or meditation where you seek advice on this decision or that. This is how you know when you are on the right path.


我要再多談一件事。你的自我人格(ego)有一個永恆的對應物,而你的自我人格所高度看重的意圖,是根植於一種,正在快速地悄悄變成不合時宜的歷史背景裡的。創造的展望正在被 翻新,可以這樣說,以容許一種將會橫掃過這個行星,並且把它和它的造物帶到一些新的振動場的「意識的連鎖反應」發生


Let me add one more thing. Your ego has an eternal counterpart and the purpose your ego has held in high regard is rooted in an historical context that is rapidly slipping into irrelevance. The landscape of creation is being renovated, so to speak, to allow for a chain reaction of consciousness that will sweep this planet and carry it and its creatures to new vibratory fields.


現在,那自我人格是被關在「恐懼」和「缺乏信任」裡的。這些素質好像是被硬編碼在人類族類裡了。不管是以科學或宗教為基礎的意識形態,都仍是被恐懼給拴住的。它們 阻擋了 人類儀具被預定要在其上運作的那些更高的頻率之散發。這正是為什麼「個人是連結而自主的(Sovereign)」以及「他們活化他們自己,並且過著一種以愛為中心的生活」如此至關緊要的原因,因為只有在那個時候,一個足夠數量的人類才能夠開始那「意識的連鎖反應」,那屬於永恆的意識。


Now, the ego has been locked away in fear and lack of trust. It is as if these qualities were hard-coded into the human species. Ideologies, whether they are science- or religion-based, are nonetheless tethered to fear. They block the emanations of the higher frequencies that the human instrument was designed to function on. This is precisely why the individual is Sovereign and why it is so critical that they activate themselves and live a love-centered life, because it is only then that a sufficient number of humans can start the chain reaction of consciousness, the consciousness of eternity.


那些物化的力量,將會對這種頻率反應,而變成把永恆在地球層面上實現出來的力量。在Lyricus裡,我們是這樣說它的:物質之主人將會成為永恆之奴工(The Master of Matter will become the slave of eternity)。


The material forces will respond to this frequency and become the actualizing force of eternity upon the terrestrial plane. In Lyricus we say it this way: “The Master of Matter will become the slave of eternity.”


這是一種本體轉換的過程,以便每一個個體都可以從那些恐懼和罪惡感之流,轉換到愛與諒解之流。因為只有在那些愛之流裡,你才能夠領悟到 你並不是你賦予它生命力的那個形式,而是那些賦予生命力的能量頻率本身。而這些頻率,你認為它們是來自哪裡?來自最初源頭,來自我們的造物主。而這些頻率,它們在當下起舞,它們不懂得過去或未來,它們存在於 當下。所以 探入過去或未來的那些思想和感情它們會限制這些細膩的頻率之循環流通,而正是這些頻率,會像吹笛人一樣的,引領你到達那個位置--那個你對 轉變 開放的當下。


It is a process of identity shiftso each individual can shift from the currents of fear and guilt to the currents of love and understanding. Because only in the currents of love do you realize that you are not the form you animate, but rather the energetic frequencies of the animation itself. And these frequencies,where do you suppose they derive from? From the First Source, from our Creator. And these frequencies, they dance in the moment, they do not know the past or future, they live in the now. So thoughts and feelings that search into the past or future, they can restrict the circulation of these delicate frequencies, and it is these frequencies, like the pied piper, that lead you to the point—the very moment where you are open to transformation.




James Mahu


Now we have a saying that goes like this: “If you are peeling an orange do not be thinking about an apple.” In other words, stay in the moment, because this is where the frequencies of animation occur. This is where your power lies.


James Mahu



                                                             過著一種以愛為中心的生活 並且隨著地球上升

                                     或過著一種以恐懼為基礎的生活 繼續留在第三次元的頻率格網裡

                                              在裡面 它那些固有的限制 完整無缺


 We are allowed by First Source to choose our destiny. 

Live a love-centered life, and follow earth’s ascendancy 

or live a fear-based life and remain in the third dimensional frequency grid 

with its inherent limitations intact.

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