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James新釋出的文件 Important 中英對照

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很重要  Important

我們都是一個單一有機體的成員,就像是個別的光子組成了一束光,或是幾兆個電子組成了一股電流,橫掃過整個銀河系。當我們從現象的世界轉移到實相的那些更高的次元時,個體性被換成了共同體(individuality is exchanged for community),這個共同體是浩瀚與包容的,而它蘊含了一種映照出它的浩瀚之智能。


We are all members of a single organism much like individual photons compose a beam of light or trillions of electrons compose an electrical current that sweeps across a galaxy. When we move from the world of phenomena to the higher dimensions of reality, individuality is exchanged for community, and this community is vast and encompassing, and it contains an intelligence that mirrors its vastness.


在我們面前的那些時間裡,將會有許多流沙和蔓延的不確定狀況(creeping doubts),許多人將會感覺到,恐懼就要擄獲他們了。容我在這裡提醒任何一個對於「不管外在世界的情況和變化如何,你在這個時間點,在這裡,就是要給出愛的」這個可能性保持開放的人。


In the times ahead, there will be shifting sands and creeping doubts and many people will feel fears trying to grasp them. May I remind anyone who is open-minded to the possibility that you are here at this time to give your love independent of the external world conditions and events.




I understand it’s very easy to fall prey to these fear-based energies and want to protect yourselves and loved ones, and prepare for tumultuous times—to, in effect, to crawl inside a protective cocoon and wait for the chaos to pass. But the times, as hard as they may become, will be made easier for all in the broader community of humanity and earth, if those of us who came to this planet at this time fully awaken to our missions of receiving and transmitting love frequencies into our local universe—knowing well that the walls of our local universe extend to the most distant and ancient walls of our Creator’s universe. They are truly one and the same, and what we send out to one, goes to all. It circulates amongst the greater community and stabilizes it amid any turmoil.


因此,我們的責任就是要去接受(own)這個時期,而成為 戰爭中之和平的締造者,動盪中之愛的產生者,黑暗到光明的改變者,絕望到希望的轉換者。如果你們之中有任何人懷疑你們的任務或來這裡的目的--記住,這就是你的任務和使命。


So, it is our responsibility to own this time as makers of peace from war, creators of love from turmoil, changers of darkness to light, and transformers of despair to hope. If any of you question your mission or purpose—remember, it is this!




How you clothe your mission in terms of your work, or hobbies, or family, or relationships, well, this is up to you, and in the wide sense of reality—it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you express a love-centered life into your local universe independent of external circumstance. You place this at the core of your human existence, knowing that if you so, you are a stabilizing force and of all the forces that are needed at this time—this, this is the most vital.




If there are riots in the street, or the Internet is shut down for a few days, or if governments suddenly announced extraterrestrials are indeed real—these kinds of events would have profound implications to our social order. It would be like turning it upside down for a while, and in this state of disorder it would be hard to think, act, and express outside of the social reaction, especially with the media fanning the flames of fear and apprehension.




And yet, this is precisely what you will be asked to do. Whenever you feel your ability to radiate the love-centered life is in jeopardy or diminishment, you need only to call on your higher Self to replenish it, to tap into the reservoir of love and compassion that surrounds you at all times.


這是性靈(Spirit)戰勝那些物化的勢力(the forces of materialization)的時候,而它將會帶著它的源頭之「寧靜的至高權力之識別」脫穎而出。這種顯露就像是黎明,因為光在我們的世界上落下來,而把人們喚醒了。


This is the time when Spirit is victorious over the forces of materialization and it will emerge with the calm supremacy that’s the signature of its Source. And this emergence is like the dawn, as light falls over our world and stirs people awake. 




Sometimes this light will stir turmoil and unrest, but this is only because people have been asleep for so long that they fear the changes that this light brings, as they know, at a deeper level, that these changes are profound and lasting, and carry with them a responsibility that they themselves must adopt, or be left behind, in a sense.




Those who are truly awake, they’ll see these tumultuous times as demonstrations of this light and it will not evoke survival instincts, or run-and- hide tactics of despair. They will feel a new power that comes to them unbidden, in the sense that they don’t call for it consciously, but it will flow over them nonetheless, like a new current of energy and they will anchor it, share it, and experience it like never before.




I could give you this technique or that, but in the end, it’s really just a string of words. Instead, what I have shared is the Spirit behind the words, the Force behind the object and this, in my opinion, is more valuable. So, listen if you want, to the Spirit Force, as it will inform you and keep you focused on the mission that you came to be part of, and to achieve as a collective intelligence. 


James Mahu




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