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[Challenge。相編] 活在當下/ LIVE IN THE MOMENT (教學影片)

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[相編。12"x12" Layout]

➡在照片上點一下,會連結到這張照片的相本,按一下右上角的〝放大鏡〞圖示,就可以原尺寸觀看照片喔。(Click on the picture then press the zoom button to the right to see the picture in original size.)
〝放大鏡〞圖示 (the zoom button)

照片是2014年和朋友到松山文創園區看泰迪熊展時中午吃飯拍的。展場陳列了不同年代各式各樣的泰迪熊,每隻熊都曾帶給牠的主人們歡樂,在看展當下也是,心中滿是讚嘆!現場還有軟陶作泰迪熊示範,那位老師的技巧讓老貓好心動!當時老貓已開始學習捏塑,但許多原因,不敢放手去做自己想做的事...心中反覆的猶豫、踟躕,然而就像"DAVID BOWIE - Changes"  這首歌的這句歌詞〝Time may change me, But I can't trace time (時間可以改變我,但我不能追溯時間) 〞,時間是無法回溯的,實在應該活在當下,放手去做自己想做的事,享受自己的生活,不是嗎?! :) 所以就選了當時朋友幫老貓拍的這兩張照片,那時候朋友和老貓很開心,享受著美食,聊著我們的夢想,美妙的一刻!
The photos were taken after I and my friend visited the Teddy Bear Museum in Taipei. We were glad and encouraged each other to pursue our dreams. There was also a live demo of handmaking of FIMO clay Teddy Bears, I admired the maker for her skills. I already started to learn clay making at the time, but somehow I hesitated to dedicate more into the business. Like the lyrics says in the song "Changes" by David Bowie: 
Time may change me, but I can't trace time.
So why not live in the moment and enjoy my life? So I chose these photos to remind myself to follow my dream.
My work uses the "Stick It Down - September Single Page Sketch" as the base, and it's inspired by the themes "Challenge YOUrself - #33: A Sewing Challenge", "Lasting Memories challenge LM 312", and "11th September - Frames of the Studio Challenges".

This 12"x 12" layout is based on the following challenges.

➡ Stick It Down - September Single Page Sketch

➡ Challenge YOUrself - #33: A Sewing Challenge!

➡ Scrap It With a Song - September challenges
I picked the song "DAVID BOWIE - Changes", that is from the blog Hop : Khristina.

➡ "Lasting Memories" Scrapbook Layout Challenges - LM 312 (All Around - anything goes showing direction or simply add circles to your layout.)
I used some small circles in my work.

The Studio Challenges - 11th September - Frames

[近拍。Close ups]

➡ YouTube : https://youtu.be/MUE7h0k6QtM

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments.


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Sharon Fritchman
This is absolutely adorable! I love, LOVE the photos of YOU and your stitching! Your take on the sketch is so creative! Thank you for joining us at Challenge YOUrself this month - YAY!
2016-09-27 16:54:33
Thank you so much, Sharon. :)
2016-09-27 17:37:34
Love the zig zag stitching and the itty bitty clovers. Thanks for creating with us at SID!
2016-09-27 23:50:54
Thank you so much, Angelika. :)
2016-09-28 07:02:55
Love your layout. The stitching is awesome. Thanks for joining our hop at SIWAS.
2016-09-29 09:24:08
Thank you so much, Sharon. :)
2016-09-29 09:42:38
I love the hand stitching that you added to this layout. Thanks so much for joining us at Stick It Down and SIWAS this month!
2016-09-29 21:50:42
Thank you so much, Khristina. :)
2016-09-29 22:21:43
Laura R
Thanks for joining us at Stick It Down this month. I love your interpretation of the sketch, and the stitching adds so much texture.
2016-10-01 03:18:58
Thank you so much, Laura. :)
2016-10-01 08:28:43
Cathy Lu
Great layout! I love how you interpreted this sketch, absolutely fabulous job!! Thank you for joining SID.
2016-10-01 13:51:33
Thank you so much, Cathy. :)
2016-10-01 14:48:23
Awesome layout! Love your handstitching and how you did adapted it to the skech. Thanks for joinng us at Challenge YOUrself
2016-10-04 21:26:22
Thank you so much, Carmen. :)
2016-10-05 07:22:40
gemma steele
Beautiful layout! I love the detail. Thanks for joining us over at Challenge YOUrself!
2016-10-06 02:26:26
Thank you so much, Gemma. :)
2016-10-06 07:45:00
Gorgeous page! Thank you for joining us at Lasting Memories and Scrap it with a Song!
2016-10-06 04:17:57
Thank you so much, Lauren. :)
2016-10-06 07:45:39
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