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Don't ignore these Search Engine Optimization basics!  

We have heard many times the word Search Engine Optimization whenever there is a discussion about the website's ranking on Google or any other search engine. Most of us look for companies that can do SEO of our webpages. But before partnering with any company, make sure to check that they are either attentive to the Search Engine Optimization basics or ignore them.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization  is a crucial strategy essential for your website's ranking and makes your brand visible and popular among individuals. It means its basics are the core part that creates the base on which your website's visibility and ranking stands. And therefore, they should be done more attentively. However, many of the SEO adept individuals usually ignore these basics.


Search Engine Optimization Basics 

The following descriptive terms are the backbone of SEO:

  • Keywords

The keyword is the main thing that circumscribes the world of on-page SEO (features of SEO). You need competitive keywords that are mostly searched in the search bar of the search engine. Do a proper keyword analysis instead of just going with the trivial ones.

  • Backlinking

Backlinking (another feature of SEO called off-page SEO) describes the link building of websites with other authentic sources available on the internet.

  • Website Page Speed 

Typically, we get to house a lot of stuff and technicalities on the website, which makes it slow and less user-friendly. However, it should be loading fast enough not to be neglected by the internet surfers because of slow loading.


Why should you not ignore the SEO basics?

Search engine algorithms typically change and updated over time; therefore, the techniques to SEO also change. Eventually, a website needs those updated features, but the Search Engine Optimization basics remain the same all the time; they will not change. That means special care should be drawn during their implementation.

Moreover, organic search follows algorithms, and it differs from the paid advertising search. Organic search results follow the hierarchy of relevance with the searched keywords. What we do in SEO is actually the tools that lead the traffic on the website with its target keyword.

Furthermore, if the search engines like google find your website correctly optimized with the algorithms, it will definitely be ranked higher on the result pages. If  Search Engine Optimization  basics get neglected, or if not performed correctly, it will negatively impact the traffic.

Also, SEO is one of the strategies of Digital Marketing as well. Likewise above, if SEO is good, while Digital Marketing will become relatively easier. So don't let the basics get ignored.



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