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[訓練] 發現水的力量

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Speedo Fit

這是今(2016)夏 Speedo 即將在美國全國性的電視網放送的廣告,它的精神是「發現水的力量」。裡面都是大明星:擁有12面奧運獎牌的 Natalie Coughlin, 女版飛魚 Missy Franklin (倫敦奧運4金1銅),三屆奧運五面金牌得主 Ryan Lochte, 有華裔血統的 Nathan Adrian (倫敦奧運2金、1銀,100m 自由式金牌得主),以及 Cullen Jones (倫敦奧運1金、2銀,可是得金的 4x100 medley rely,決賽不是他游的。)光是看這幾個頂尖選手在水裡移動就覺得很賞心悅目了。


無論如何,對於喜歡游泳的人而言,這是個有趣好看的影片。我想學影片裡的 Natalie Coughlin 漂亮的後翻與盤腿!

Speedo Fit

This newly launched Speedo commercial is very impressive.  Not just what those athletes do in the water, but its cast of distinguished swimmers.  The commercial is expected to be aired in the USA national wide this summer (2016).
I do not think it feasible to do those exercises in the pool here, or most of places in the world.  However, for those Olympic gold medalists, it might be no problem moving treadmill or stand-bike into the pool for training.  Be realistic, no pool management would allow treadmill or stand-bike in the pool.  Well, those machines are made by steel or other metal and they demand certain lubrication which would seriously contaminate the water consequently, unless those were specially made for in-water purpose, which I do not think available commercially.  

No matter what, just watching Missy, Nathan, Natalie, Ryan & Cullen doing various kinds of moves in the water is enjoyable enough! 

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