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英文加油!!cheer UP!!

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1.make money-賺錢
 Tom makes his money by buying and selling things online.
2.go shopping-去購物/逛街
 My mom and I go shopping once a week.
3.hand in-繳/交
 I have to hand in my book report by tomorrow.
4.on time-準時
 The teacher wants everyone to be on time tomorrow for the test.
5.as well as-連同...
 Tom is good at Math as well as English.
 湯姆的數學很好, 連同他的英文也是一樣
6.come in handy-有時會用到...
 Having a flash light in your car could come in handy someday.
 在你車上放個手電筒, 總有一天會派上用場的
7.give someone a hand-幫助某人...
 Could you give me a hand with my homework, please?
8.take eges-花時間
 Downloading used to take ages before ADSL was available.
 在還沒有寬頻網路的時候, 下載要花很多時間的
9.once in a blue moon-很少
 Once in a blue moon, my mother would take me to an expensive restaurant.
 我媽媽很少 ( or 隔了很久才會) 帶我去高級餐廳吃飯

There is a will, there is a way.


No cross, no crown.=No pains, no gains.


Impossible is nothing.


Just do it.

if you think you can,you can

I am genius nothing can stop me

1If there is a will, then there is a way.
2No cross, no crown.

1.I’ll bet我敢打賭;我敢肯定
2.get off to a good start有個好的開始
3.leave something behind拋開;忘懷
4.all over the world遍及全世界
5.break a record破紀錄
6.give up放棄
7.at first起初;一開始
8.play a role in something在某事中扮演….的角色
9.put something to (good) use (善加)利用
10.in the case of在…情況下;在…例子中
11.all around到處
12.all day long整天
13.not…at all一點也不
14.carry something over延續
15.from day to day 每天
16.write off 將(債務,餘額)一筆勾銷
17.fail to未能
18.to good purpose很有成效地;妥善地
19.there is no+ving 不可能…..
20.so as to為了
21.let go of 放手
22.out of danger 脫離危險
23.set off 施放
24.one (thing) after another一個接著一個
25.on the other hand 另一方面
26.instead of 取代…

1-in the past 過去
2-save the world 拯救世界
3-at the same time 同時
4-all the time 總是
5-pay attention to 注意
6-rise to 提升
7-lead to 導致
8-move away 離開:遷移
9-a hard word 辛苦工作
10-base on 以~為基礎
11-touch the heart 撼動人心
12-earn a BA degree 取得學士學位
13-make his mark 發跡:成名
14-moving story 感人故事
15-keep learning 不斷學習
16-to live by 以~而生存

put an end to sth.結束
put aside把‧‧‧放在一邊
put away 收拾、貯存
put back 把...放回原處
put down 鎮壓
put off延遲
put on穿
put on weight增重
put it across/over sb.責備某人
put off拖延
put on穿上、戴上
put out熄滅
put together裝配
put up建造
put up with容忍

take after與...相似
take away帶走、拿走
take back退還
take care of照顧
take down取下、寫下
take in欺騙
take off脫下、起飛
take on sb.呈現、承擔、僱用
take out取出
take part in參與
take place發生
take turns輪流
take up攻讀、佔據空間
take sth up with sb.諮商

look after照顧
look at看
look down on輕視
look for尋找
look forward to盼望
look through識破
look up查詢
諺語:look before you leap三思而後行

get ahead進展、領先
get along進展、有進步
get around逃避、說服
get away from sb/sth逃避
get away with sth逃避懲罰
get back回來、取回
get down吞下、使沮喪
get down to開始認真對待
get in到達
get in touch with和‧‧‧連絡(可換成keep)
get off下車
get on進展、上車
get out洩漏、出版
get out of逃避、棄絕
get over恢復、克服
get through結束、完成、遭受、通過、實現
get together聚集
get up起床

stay away from/off/out遠離(可換成keep)
stay up熬夜

break away/down/through逃脫/打破/突破
break in調整、適應
break into闖入
break loose掙脫
break off折斷、終止、斷絕
break out爆發
break up打碎

set fire to sth./set sth. on fire放火/焚燒
set forth出發、提出
set sb. off送行
set out出發、開始

stand a chance有希望
stand for代表
stand out顯著、傑出
stand up起立、經得起
stand sb. up與某人爽約
stand up for sb./sth.支持、維護

make believe假裝
make faces扮鬼臉
make friends交友
make fun of嘲笑
make good成功
make good time(短期間)高速行駛
make no difference沒關西、沒什麼區別
make out表現、成功、理解、寫出、假裝
make over 改造、翻新、轉讓
make room for sb./sth.讓位/騰出空間給某人或物
make sence合理、有意義
make sure確定、務必
make the best of逆來順受
make up補償、和解、捏造、化妝
make up one’s mind下定決心

run across/into sb(sth)不期而遇
run away逃跑
run errends跑腿
run out of用完
run over輾過
run up to跑到

keep an eye on留意
keep house做家事
keep/bear in mind記住
keep on繼續
keep one’s hand保持冷靜
keep track of跟蹤
keep up維持再同一水平
keep up with趕上

hold off延遲
hold on抓牢、等候
hold out寄予、忍耐、維持、抵抗
hold over延期
hold still保持靜止、仍然
hold up持槍搶劫、耽擱

on the other hand另一方面來說(前面搭配on the one hand)
in other words換言之
on the contrary相反地
what’s worse更糟的是
as if好像‧‧‧

as a result結果
after all畢竟
in short總而言之
sum up總結
above all尤其
as a whole整個看來
撿起來:pick up

放下:put down

打開電源:turn on

關掉電源:turn off

穿上:put on

脫掉:take off

查閱:look up

試穿:try on

拖吊:tou away

打掃:clean up

砍掉:cut down

熄滅:put out

找出:find out

拿走:take away

收回:take back

化妝:make up

放棄:give up

打電話:call up

聽:listen to

看:look at

照顧:look after

吠:bark at

嘲笑:laugh at

談論:talk about

想到:think about

關心:care about

抱怨:complain about

學....有關learn about

擔心worry about

上車get on/get in

下車get off/get out of

受傷get hurt

獨自by oneself

去野餐go on a picnic

快一點hurry up

精於...be good at

來個約定/做個交易make a deal

熬夜stay up

拿出...take out

犯錯:made a mistake

學到一個教訓:learn a lesson

到達:arrive at

露營:go camping

1.Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones.

2. Absence is mother of disillusion.

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

4. Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.

5. Absent in body, but present in spirit. 。

6. Far from eye, far from heart.
離眼遠,離心遠。 眼不見,心不念。

7. He that fears you present will hate you absent.

8. If a person is away, his right is away. [Moorish Proverb]

9. Long absence changes a friend.

10. Long absent, soon forgotten.

11. Man are best loved farthest off.

12. Out of sight, out of mind.

13. Salt water and absence wash away love.

14. The absent are always in the wrong.

15. The absent are never with fault, nor the present without excuse.

16. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

17. Who takes a lion when he is absent, fears a mouse present. 。
趁獅子不在時取而代之者, 卻怕老鼠的存在。

18. Never try to prove what nobody doubts.

19. A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

20. A word before is worth two behind.

21. A word is enough to the wise.

22. A word spoken is an arrow let fly.

23. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.

24. Better to sail slowly than not to sail at all.

25. Brave actions never want a trumpet.

26. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
27. Deeds are males, and words are females.

28. Deeds, not words.

28. Few words are best.

29. Fine words butter no parsnips.

30. Fine words dress ill deeds.

31. Good words cost nothing, but are worth much. [Thomas Fuller]

32. Good words without deeds are rushes and reeds.

33. Hard words break no bones.

34. He is noble who feels and acts nobly.

35. He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.

Love well,whip well. 愛之深,責之切


It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.



Victory belongs to the most persevering .



Life is either a daring adventure,or nothing.



We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough.


Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. As a result, a genius is often a talented person who has simply done all of his homework.




1. first of all 首先

First of all, a warm welcome to cour company. 首先,誠摯地歡迎你加入我們公司。

2. in the meantime 同時

In the meantime, can you give me some thoughts and come up with any recommendations? 同時,你能給我一些想法與建議嗎?

3. from one’s point of view 從某人的觀點來看

I would like to agree with Marketing’s suggestion as this will be a great enhancement for your proposed scheme from a sales point of view. 我同意行銷部的觀點。因為從銷售的觀點來看,這對於我們提出的方案有很大的改善。

4. generally speaking 一般而言

Generally speaking, I think you are right. 一般而言,我認為你是對的。

5. in conclusion 總之

In conclusion, I’d like to thank you for all your efforts. 總之,我要感謝你所有的努力。

6. in accordance with (according to) 根據

In accordance with the announcement made by our CEO today..... 根據總經理今天的宣布......

7. in terms of 在某方面

The ABC company is number one in terms of net sales in Taiwan. 在淨銷售額方面,ABC公司在台灣市場是第一名。

8. apart from that 此外

Apart from that, I want you tp promise me one thing. 此外,我要你答應我一件事。

9. rather than 而非

You should be responsible for this issue rahter than me. 你應該為此事負責,而不是我。

10. due to 由於

Her absense was due to sickness. 由於生病,她沒有來上班。

11. in case 以防

We also provide the contact window for you in case you have further questions regarding this product. 假使你對這項產品有進一步的問題,我們也提供聯絡窗口給你。

12. as far as I know 據我所知

As far as I know, they will invest quite a big amount in marketing this product next year. 據我所知,他們明年將投資大筆金額來行銷這個產品。

13. in view of 鑒於

In view of the above, we consider it may be better if dialog can be arranged between A and B. 鑒於上述所提及,我們可以考慮安排A和B對話,這樣可能會比較好。

14. even though 雖然

Even though I tried very hard, I didn’t manage to finish the work. 所然我努力嘗試,我還是無法完成這項工作。

15. prior to that 在那之前

Proior to that, we need to communicate with the salespersons on the process. 在那之前,我們必須與業務同仁溝通流程。

16. as long as 只要

We are prepared to pay your asking price, as long as you can deliver on time. 只要你能準時交貨,我們已預備好要付你們要求的價格。

17. as a reminder 在此提醒

As a reminder, all sales are counted if they are booked by the end of this month.在此提醒,在月底前下定的業績都會被計算。

18. from one’s perspective 從什麼觀點

This is very sensitive from both regulatory’s perspectives. 從雙方主管機關的觀點來看,這是非常敏感的。

19. in the case 既然如此

In that case, let’s start earlier. 既然如此,我們就早點開始。

20. on one’s behalf 代表某人

On my boss’ behalf, I agree on the special price. 我代表我老闆同意這特別的價額優惠。

21. for reasons outlined above 從上述的理由

For reasons outlined above, we decided not to launch this product. 基於上述的理由,我們決定不發行這個產品。

22. be subject to 決定於

The new product launch schedule is subject to approval by headquarters. 新產品的發決定於總部的同意。

23. in light of 按照

We reviewed our strategies in light of recent market changes. 我們按照市場變化重新考慮公司的策略。

24. as well 同樣地

It was decided by the company’s top management that the event would be expanded to other functions as well. 公司的管理階層會決定將這個活動同樣地擴展至其他部門。

25. in my opinion 在我看來

In my opinion, we should delay our decision until the end of the week. 依我看來,我們應該延到這個週末再做決定。

26. compared with ( in comparison with ) 與~相比

His performance is not bad compared with his co-workers in the same department. 和同部門同事相比,他的績效算不錯。

27. by the way 順便提起

By the say, thanks for elping us arrange the meeting. 順便提起,謝謝你幫我安排這個會議。

28. to my knowledge 據我理解

To my knowledge, there are still some problems with the new system. 據我理解,這個新系統還有一些問題。

29. actually ( as a matter of fact, in fact ) 事實上

Actually, O’ve never been there before. 事實上,我從未到過那兒。

30. to tell you the truth ( frabkly speaking ) 坦白說

To tell you the truth, I have no idea about it. 坦白說,我不知道。

31. in spite of 儘管

In spite of spending all night, i wasn’t able to finish the work. 儘管通霄,我還是無法完成工作。

32. in order to 為了

We propose to launch a sales competition campaign in order to achieve the sales target. 我們提議舉辦業務銷售競賽以達成銷售目標。

33. as usual 像往常一樣

Annual bonuses will be paid as usual to employees who have performed well this year. 像往常一樣,今年表現優秀的員工可以獲得年終獎金。

34. in principle 原則上

In principle, we are happy to agree on the new proposal. 原則上,我們樂於贊同這個新提案。

35. on the whole 整體而言

On the whole, last year was successful, with profits up by eight percent, in spite of difficulties in the market. 整體而言,雖然去年市場不景氣,但是獲利上升了八百分點,相當成功。

36. as for

As for product A, we include it in our product because the company can make a higher profit.


37. as you know

As you know, we only have one product this month and we need to make the most of this opportunity.


38. with regards to

Overall, the response are positive with regards to the activities, which were undertaken in first quarter.


39. as yet

As yet, we have not had time to consider your proposals.


40. for the time being

We’re ahead of our competitors for the time being.


1. Calm down!


2. Hold on.


3. Sound good!


4. Watch out!


5. Don’t blame me.


6. in your dreams.


7. It’s on me.


8. Yes and no


9. Do me a favor.


10.Give me a break!


11.It’s up to you.


12.Over my dead body.


13.Thanks, but no thanks.


14.That’s what I say.


.This is "a piece of cake".


.It "rains dogs and cats" outside.


.Oh my gosh!

 =oh my god 我的天啊!

.Watch your ps and qs.


.This car is "a lemon"


.Never mind.


.Don’t do the same mistake "over and over"


.He exercises "now and then"


."Quite a few" of the workers are in that factory.


.She had to remember the poem "by heart (by memory)".


.I "would rather" stay here


.I’ll forgot you "little by little"


.Do it "right away"


.at first <=> at last

 首先;起先 <=> 最後;終於

.You did that "on purpose".


I quit! 我不幹了!
No way! 不行!
Hold on. 等一等。
I agree。 我同意。
So long. 再見。
Allow me. 讓我來。
Cheer up! 振作起來
My treat. 我請客。
So do I. 我也一樣。
This way。 這邊請。
After you. 您先。
Bless you! 祝福你!
Follow me. 跟我來。
Forget it! 休想! (算了!)
Good luck! 祝好運!
I decline! 我拒絕!
I promise. 我保證。
Of course! 當然了!
Slow down! 慢點!
take care! 保重!
What’s up? 有什麼事嗎?
Bottoms up! 乾杯(見底)!
Guess what? 猜猜看?
Keep it up! 堅持下去!
I doubt it 我懷疑。
That’s neat. 這很好。
Do l have to 非做不可嗎?
He is my age. 他和我同歲。
Do me a favor? 幫個忙,好嗎?
I’m on a diet. 我在節食。
Keep in Touch. 保持聯絡。
You set me up! 你出賣我!
You owe me one.你欠我一個人情
Control yourself! 克制一下
What a good deal! 真便宜!
Believe it or not! 信不信由你!
Don’t count on me.別指望我。
Don’t fall for it! 別上當!
Don’t let me down. 別讓我失望。
Easy come easy go. 來得容易,去得快。
I beg your pardon. 請你原諒。
I beg your pardon? 請您再說一遍(我沒有聽清)。
Just wait and see! 等著瞧!
Make up your mind. 做個決定吧。
That’s all I need. 我就要這些。
Don’t be so modest. 別謙虛了。
It’s going too far. 太離譜了。
The answer is zero. 白忙了。
I’ll be right there. 我馬上就到。

Good morning早安

Good afternoon午安

Good evening晚安

excuse me不好意思


See you later.待會見;再聯絡

What’s up?近來過得如何?

It’s on me.我來付

After you.你先(請)

It means這表示


I love it.我愛死了

Good morning.早安

I hate you.我恨你

So so.還好!還好!;馬馬虎虎

So boring真無聊

Get out.滾!

Let’s go!我們走吧!

Time’s up.時間到了

It’s here!在這兒

By the way順道一提

up to you 隨便你

what’s up/what’s new你好嗎

oh my God/oh my godness我的天阿

not bad還不賴

you’re kidding!你在開玩笑嗎




that’s awesome真是棒極了


what’s up?? 最近如何呢??

much better=no complain=never better 還不錯

good job 做得好

I’m on your side. 我支持你

I’m used to it. 我習慣了

Don’t I know it? 我早知道了

Don’t get me wrong.別誤會我

I share your opinion.我贊成你的意見

Let’s wait and see.我們等著瞧

I have no idea.我不知道

I have no choice.我別無選擇

Do you get me?你了解我嗎?

Are you kidding me?你開我玩笑

It’s hard to say?很難說

Tell me about it.確實如此

You wanna bet?要打賭嗎?

Are you crazy?你瘋啦

Let it be.讓它去吧

So do I.我也是

It doesn’t matter. 沒有關係

That can’t be.不可能

Take it easy.別緊張

Don’t bother me.別煩我

Take a break.休息一下

Couldn’t be better.再好不過

I can imagine.我可以想像

You get it.你了解嗎?

It’s my pleasure.我的榮幸

I hope so.我希望是如此

I think so.我想是如此

Don’t you care?你不在乎嗎?

That’s all right.沒關係

Is that clear?那樣清楚?

Forget about it.算了

Good for you.你真棒

You look good.你看起來很好

It’s my fault.是我的錯

Let’s go Dutch.各付各的

It’s about time.時間快到了

Same to you.你也一樣

Hold on. Hang on.等一下

Don’t worry!別擔心

Go away.走開

What’s wrong?怎麼啦

What’s up?你怎麼啦

Time’s up.時間到

excuse me不好意思


See you later.待會見;再聯絡

What’s up?近來過得如何?

It’s on me.我來付

After you.你先(請)

It means這表示


I love it.我愛死了

Good morning.早安

I hate you.我恨你

So so.還好!還好!;馬馬虎虎

So boring真無聊

Get out.滾!

Let’s go!我們走吧!

Time’s up.時間到了

It’s here!在這兒

By the way順道一提

up to you 隨便你

what’s up/what’s new你好嗎

oh my God/oh my godness我的天阿

not bad還不賴

you’re kidding!你在開玩笑嗎




that’s awesome真是棒極了


what’s up?? 最近如何呢??

much better=no complain=never better 還不錯

Are you kidding me? 你在開玩笑吧!

What’s going on? (What happened?) 怎麼了?發生了什麼事情嗎?

I’m so tired! 我好累!

Don’t push me! 不要逼(催)我!

What would you like to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? 你早/午/晚餐想吃啥?

Do you have any plan of weekend? 你週末有任何計畫了嗎?

Leave me alone! 讓我一個人靜一靜!

台長: 希希和哈哈
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