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Philippines ferry disaster

The St Thomas Aquinas ferry sank on Friday night after colliding with a cargo ship just outside the port in Cebu, the Philippines' second biggest city .

Authorities say a further 85 people are missing, and are believed to be trapped inside the submerged ferry, which is in 30 metres of water.

Most of those unaccounted for are thought to have been in their cabins at the time of the collision nu skin product.

The ferry was carrying 831 people, with more than 600 confirmed rescued, most from the sea around the accident site.

Philippines Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Abaya has said there were several foreigners on board, all of whom were "okay" except for a New Zealand citizen who was in a hospital.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed on Monday that a New Zealander had been taken to hospital.

"The NZ embassy in Manila has been in contact with the New Zealander and will continue to provide consular assistance if required nuskin group," a spokeswoman told NZ Newswire.

Authorities are now dealing with a potential environmental disaster as about 120,000 litres of stored bunker fuel has started to leak from the vessel.

It was not clear how much oil had already seeped out but media outlets have reported scenes of oil-coated mangroves and birds floating in oil slicks.

Foreign experts are expected to be brought in to remove the remaining fuel nu skin hong kong.

An investigation into the accident will begin after all survivors have been accounted for, the coastguard said.

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