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"Xiaozhen's Story" Rakes in Nine Awards

The musical, Xiaozhen's Story, raked in nine awards, including those for best director, best feature film, best musical score, and so on, at the Christian Film Festival in Virginia, United States. Since its release in 2015, this musical, with the unfolding of life's transformation as its theme, has received multiple awards one after another in countries such as Russia, India, America, and so on. This is the 7th time since its first screening that this movie has won film festival awards. This musical centers on the metamorphosis of the life of the Christian Xiaozhen. A true story, it tells of how people are enticed by money and fame into forfeiting their humanity, growing distant from God, losing their direction and goals in life, and heading toward the terror and helplessness of falling from grace. Through twists and turns, the fates of the characters are very moving and invocative, and by way of one climax after another, the plot triggers the audience into wondering such things as: Just what is happiness? What is the value and meaning of life? Who can save people from their lives of suffering, and bring them happiness and light? The lyrics used in the screenplay come from utterances spoken to all humanity by the Creator. They express God's concern, hopes, and care for humans, pointing out the way to all those who are profoundly suffering and have been led astray, and bringing them the gospel and hope! "Mr. Richard, the film festival organizer said, "I thought Xiaozhen's Story was a great message not only for Christians but it could be for everybody. Everybody eventually, after they chase the things of the world, will realize that those things don't fill their heart, and what really fills their heart is Jesus. And so I thought that it was a great story, and lots of Christians should watch it. Because they will all relate to Xiaozhen and her journey. It was definitely an award-winning film and that's why it was recognized with so many awards." "The Light of Truth" journalist Han Xi reports from Newport News in Virginia"

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