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悠悠日和 The Warm Atmosphere

方場空間設計工程有限公司  Pure Interior Design

陳中立  Chung-Li Chen



Reducing the stereotype, increasing the imagination.

Most of the experiences, for patients, in the dentist clinics was not pleasant, especially for children. When being adult, however, the long-lasting stereotypes such as pure white sterilized space, the hissing sounds from medical equipment, the cold seats, etc. affects people so profoundly. For the designer, in this project, “professional” is not a word simply expressed by general impression. In fact, however, the pleasant and interesting ideas of design might mitigate the anxiety when people stay in clinics. Therefore, the application and transformation of the natural elements have become the top design idea in this project.



For those living and growing up in modern city where people are used to daily life full of computers and cell phones, can they remember the primitive feeling about the sunshine and rainbow? When the modern society of human beings define everything by using the terms “accuracy” and “popularity,” however, people are kept away from the originality of real life from these definitions. Can the power of design either reconnect the primary relationship between human beings and nature environment, or transcend the current definition of space and inspire the reevaluation?





The other side of the rainbow.

What would the children imagine when they look up the rainbow in the sky? The designer wants to transform the fear from the children staying in the dentist clinic into the exciting desire looking forward to the rainbow shown somewhere out there. The ceiling, extended from the pedestrian arcade to the front door, and the reception counter, are designed into a style resembling the curvature seen from the rainbow. The amiable and friendly spatial characteristics and vividly dancing atmosphere are created before the children. The new design brings back the loving and happy memories for the children, whose unhappy experiences in the past have now changed to the curious imagination and fantasy towards the rainbow.




Bringing back the happy hour in childhood.

For those walk in following the direction of the rainbow, they feel the warm and comfortable atmosphere, rather than heat in summer and bleak in fall. Without using the cool and modern style seen in most of the clinics, the designer installs the orange lights in the waiting room. The bright and lovely style of the seats, made by flannelette. The wallpapers, in the meantime, are making children feel secured safety. The basic tone of colors, beige and brown, are composed without showing off. On the other hand, the indirect illumination and soft spatial atmosphere make patients feel as if sitting in a park under warm sunlight, the comfortable environment reliving the anxiety in the clinic.



The flourishing flowers in the clinic.

The wall, along the corridor in the clinic, is painted with birds and tress. The beautiful flowers are placed besides the seats, the harmonious natural atmosphere making the sounds from medical equipment obsolete. The first impression, for patients, is no more scaring, and they have been volunteered come in for calendar dental inspection. The wall decorations at the entranceway, the plants and wooden structures at the waiting area, the furnishings, the floors, and the frosted glass in the examination room, are functioned as the coordination of visual subject, and the metaphors of protection and reassurance.



The design concept, in this project, is consciously seeking life to its most primitive natural characteristics, and changing the general paradigms of spatial style. The designer brings up this project to its excellence by balancing the elements of contrary and imagination.

台長: 宇思文化多媒體國際集團
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