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聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語 文章數:32
【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】自愛愛人,愛一切眾生;自救救人,救一切眾生。Love yourself, love others, love all sen... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】要做無底的垃圾桶,要學無塵的反射鏡。Be a bottomless receptacle for the ills of the w... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】四它:面對它、接受它、處理它、放下它。The four steps in dealing with any problem: fa... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】山不轉路轉,路不轉人轉,人不轉心轉。Can't move the mountain? Build a road! Road bloc... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】提得起放得下,年年吉祥如意;用智慧種福田,日日都是好日。Able to pick it up and let i... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】雖然身為平常人,責任心要擔起來,執著心應放下些。We may be ordinary sentient beings, ... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】身心常放鬆,逢人面帶笑;放鬆能使我們身心健康,帶笑容易增進彼此友誼。Always keep your... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】現在所得的,是過去所造的;未來所得的,是現在所做的。Right now you gather what you ha... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】讓人產生誤解,就是自己的不是。If you let other people misunderstand you, it's nobody... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】知恩報恩為先,利人便是利己。What is most important is to be grateful for what you've... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】識人識己識進退,時時身心平安;知福惜福多培福,處處廣結善緣。Know yourself, know othe... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】以智慧時時修正偏差,以慈悲處處給人方便。When you are off balance, always right yours... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】若希望人際關係相處得好,就要把心量放大,多接納人,多包容人。 If you wish to build go... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】學佛的人,有兩大任務:莊嚴國土,成熟眾生。 Two great tasks lie before Buddhists to b... (詳全文)
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【聖嚴法師~心靈環保法語】盡心盡力第一,不爭你我多少。Do your utmost – no matter who gains or loses.---聖... (詳全文)
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