2019-02-26 11:11:55

how to choose the right bulb to change dual and single beam?

For HID light bulbs, they have a little different on dual beam bulb and single beam light bulb compared to the incandescent halogen light bulb. A single beam HID has the pill inside with the electrode...

2018-09-05 14:19:36

Just what is the difference between T10, W5W and also 194

A t10 led car light bulb always displays with other kinds, such as w5w or 194. What is the difference in between w5w as well as 194? Does it mean that it remains in a various socket or in the differen...

2018-08-29 17:14:49

The best ways to choose canbus bulb

CAN-bus is a kind of circuit board chip utilized to communicate with the on-board computer system on cars. This sort of LED light bulbs have a built-in load resistor, they can deal with the European l...

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