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Ballon d'Or Ceremony Is Absurd [Pictures] Fox SoccerIn one of the many customs that makes European union soccer far more grandiose as compared with American competitive sports, FIFA held its 12-monthly gala supply the Ballon d'Or when wildstar power leveling it comes to Switzerland now.The Ballon d'Or is compared to the Most valuable player award.And not simply controlling a marketing conference to successfully announce the particular winners, Fifa world cup throws an enormous ceremony involving dancing, vocals, mascots, and also the inexplicable presence of small children.It happens to be oddly engaging, and we was pretty shocked, even if Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't.Click here to find the absurdity of this Ballon d'Or ceremony >Just click here wildstar gold to see that absurdity of the Ballon d'Or marriage ceremony >View As One Page Ballon d'Or Commemoration Is Outrageous [Pictures]

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